yeti og strain

Yeti og strain

One of the best for all my issues. Finally found the perfect strain

picked up some of this delicious, levitating smoke at Durango Organics . Half hr into it, the levitating effect kicked in!. Works better than average for pain reduction. More like pain annihilation. I actually slept a 6 hr night. That is some thing new and different. The taste is lemon tinge with a kick of berry something. If you have back injuries or trouble sleeping this is most definitely worth trying. One of my favorites to date to medicate

Yeti OG is an indica dominant strain with a 70:30 indica/ sativa ratio. It was previously known as Headband X Loompa and is renowned for its high quality effects. What is really interesting is that it offers a sensational 20% THC content along with 3% CBD level that allows cannabis users to exper…