wizard gum strain

Wizard gum strain

If you want the real total thc you know you just multiply the THCA by .877 and then add THC to that number! Also very nice job on this site it’s very professionally done. I am about to try this wizard gum except the batch I got has twice the Caryophyllene at close to .7 and twice the limonene! I will be joining by your side with my channel “flowers of maryland” I will be launching on YouTube in the next week or two hopefully. Soon! No joke I’ve literally been working on this channel and preparing for it for well over three years and just finally invested in everything I needed equipment wise and tons of flower to review I will have a interesting take on the lost cause I’m sure you will appreciate.
-Sam Afgan

Ha! funny you should say this, I am in the process of writing an article about potency testing. And, yes, you are correct as I understand it from multiple sources: THCA% x .877 + THC% is the standard equation. RE: THE WIZARD GUM: wow that batch does sound like a heavy hitter. I really enjoyed that strain…and will again soon:) Congratulations on the channel. keep me updated. thanks! Matt

damn couldn’t edit my last post but had to add this I totally agree with you when you said it reminds you of blackberry in texture. The batch of blackberry I have from gleaf at the moment is very similar to this wizard gum batch in that sense. The batches of cultas diesel dough I had
though very different. But you already know how even the same strain from the same cultivator could vary In things like texture/ flavor/ terp profile/ looks/ effects I mean every which way possible very much between batches. Texture wise best example of the BIGGEST shift I saw in “texture” in a strain from anyone was dosidos from Culta. The earlier batches which were phenomenal which I had over a year ago were identical in texture to cookie face from rhythm which makes sense seeing how that’s half dosidos but their recent batches some of which have been amazing again have a completely different texture and look, but you can clearly see it’s the Same genetics coming out looking so different and yet all so amazing. Hands down one of the BEST batches of anything Culta I had recently is their newest batch of gelato 25 x dosidos. I went to buy it just because I saw it had a higher than usual terp profile this batch at 2.6 and let me tell you the numbers didn’t lie but I’m not just talking Terps I mean in EVERY which aspect it is an award winning batch this time. And a much headier terp profile from their batch of gelato 41 x dosidos I have. It’s cured to perfection. The flavor is unreal better than 99.8 percent of everything else in dispensaries and it has some of the cleanest white ash I have seen in a very long time. The wombat said teehee when I smoked this.
Sam Afgan

Sam, thanks for the comment and insight into these other strains and batches. I really appreciate the input and feel it is vital for the relevance and usefulness of this site. Sometimes it takes a few sessions at different times of the day and for a few days before I develop a thoughtful and detailed opinion about the strains’ effects. It does take a considerable amount of work, time, and focus which can leave you in a vacuum of sorts regarding any objectivity about the effects or efficacy of any one strain. This can create somewhat of a vacuum so it is very encouraging and invigorating to receive such detailed and thoughtful commentary. Ultimately, it everyone benefits from comments like yours. Much Gratitude.

Wizard Gum is a balanced uplifting Hybrid with host of cerebral and physical effects range from; energized euphoria, increased creativity and focus, a heightened sense of humor, anxiety relief, appetite increase, and muscle relaxation.