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Welcome to Moles Seeds, a leading wholesale supplier of commercial quality flower and vegetable seeds throughout the UK and overseas. We stock all your favourites – and why not have a browse for something new? We offer both conventional and organic vegetables – including over 70 varieties of tomato! Moles Seeds also stock rhubarb, asparagus crowns, onion sets, seed potatoes, seeds for green manure, cut flowers and wild flowers, as well as professional quality amenity grass seed and sundries.

Being completely independent allows us to select the best in flower and vegetable varieties from the world’s top breeders, and we have an enviable reputation for supplying professional quality seed. We routinely carry out in-house testing, including germination and emergence tests, to ensure that the seed viability and vigour is maintained at the highest possible standard, before being packed into our distinctive gold foil bags to retain the freshness.

We sell to commercial growers, nurseries, farms, local authorities, landscapers, country estates, the prison service, schools, colleges, allotment societies, social enterprise groups and keen gardeners – indeed anyone who appreciates the value offered by our larger packets of quality seed!



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Latest News

Coronavirus statement:

Moles Seeds is acutely aware of the seriousness of the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and is closely monitoring the advice from the UK government and National Health Service and acting upon it where necessary.

During this difficult time the safety of our employees and customers is of paramount importance and we have taken steps to reduce the risks wherever possible. Please be aware that if we are forced to close at the request of the UK government or due to staff absence then we will do so and this may be at short notice, but we will update our website if this happens.

Exports to NI and EU countries:

Although some agreement has been reached between the UK and EU regarding common standards for seed labelling, plant health import/export requirements, etc., we will continue to suspend shipping of seed to NI, IE and other EU countries until further clarity on this issue is acheived. Please contact us if you have any queries relating to this.

Service update:

We are currently extremely short staffed due to high number of employees isolating but we are working hard to get existing orders fulfilled as soon as possible. We receive a high volume of messages and phone calls relating to the same subjects so in order to allow us to dedicate as much time as possible to order fulfilment we have listed below some responses to the most commonly asked questions:

Has my order been shipped? We are currently fulfilling orders within 15-20 days of receipt. Some smaller orders may ship ahead of this time frame but please allow this period to pass before requesting an update.

Are you shipping to the EU? No, we are not currently shipping to the EU.

Are you shipping to the Northern Ireland? No, we are not currently shipping to the Northern Ireland.

Are potatoes being shipped at this time? Yes, we are currently despatching seed potatoes.

Are onion sets being shipped at this time? No, we are not currently despatching onion sets.

Are rhubarb and asparagus crowns being shipped at this time? No, we are not currently despatching rhubarb and asparagus crowns.

Has your 2021 catalogue been sent out? Yes, our 2021 catalogue was despatched in November 2020. If you would like a copy please send us an e-mail detailing your name and address and we will send you a copy.

Online order discount:

You will receive a 3% discount for ordering online and paying with a card at the time of ordering.

Moles Seeds (U.K.) Ltd is a leading UK online supplier of professional quality flower (including annuals, perennials and wild flower) seeds, conventional vegetable seeds and organic vegetable seeds throughout the UK and overseas. We supply wholesale and amateur customers.