white gummy strain

White gummy strain

Nice mellow, stress free. Does not overwhelm or too intense. Anytime of day is good with this one. Great taste with citrus blends like grapefruit and lemon. This one is good for social mingling or a night at home binge watching your favorite TV shows.

this is a great strain to mellow out the stress from pain to relax me and feel happy! moonshadow

Unbelievable tasty and smelling strain. Smells and taste like candy. Great hybrid!! Beautiful dense buds. Unc med always with 🔥 strains!!

Gummy Bears causes my nose, eye’s to burn, anyone have this problem.

Stoney and euphoric

This stuff hits you so fast! Smell, taste, effects, everything. It has this smell that’s almost like red wine but with a skunky-ness to it. But the taste is so sweet and flavorful! One hit always leaves me thinking about random things for a long time that are fun to write down and look at later.

Beautiful strain hands down taste sooo goodd

This is the first time I’ve had this Gummy Bear OG. I’ve been smoking a lot of platinum. But the Gummy Bear OG is very good. They say it gives you a instant energized feeling. For me, I get that feeling and it gives you a lot of random thoughts. But it’s very good if you just want to have a good time.

This is a medical marijuana strain that was bred by crossing three parents, namely Jillybean X Bubblegum X OG Kush. The plant looks bright green colored covered by orange colored haired nugs. These nugs are covered by something that gives the candy sour flavor. This comes under the indica dominan…