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Strawberry seeds

Do you also like strawberries? Do you want to grow your own strawberries in your kitchen garden and are you looking for new strawberry seeds? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have selected the most special and sweetest strawberry seeds for you. Your kitchen garden is simply not complete if you don’t have strawberries in your garden.

Your own grown strawberries taste the sweetest!

Your own grown strawberries taste sweeter than the strawberries you buy in the supermarket. Growing your own strawberry plants is fun to watch and makes you crave this delicious red fruit. From an emerging sprout to a mature plant, taking care of your strawberry plant is a fun hobby that eventually ensures delicious strawberries.

Ostara Strawberry and other types of strawberries

There are different types of strawberries which are known to a greater or lesser extent among the general public. Do you want to surprise friends and family with special home grown strawberries? Then buy one of the following strawberry seeds:

  • Ostara strawberry seed
  • White strawberry seeds
  • Framberry Fragaria strawberry
  • Tago strawberries

When should I sow strawberry seeds?

It is best to plant strawberries in the spring. Then you can eat fresh strawberries in the summer. It is best to plant them between February and April. For a sweet harvest it is advisable not to put the strawberries in the full sun. Covering the plants with a net stops birds from getting at your strawberries. Do not plant the strawberry seeds too close to one another. This may lead to the emerging plants oppressing each other. Before you sow your seeds always read the instructions on the packaging.

Buy strawberry seeds?

Nowadays, to buy strawberries is really easy. Order your strawberry seeds through the website by putting the seeds in your shopping cart. Next, click on ‘purchase now’ to make the payment. Within several days you can sow the strawberries in your kitchen garden.

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