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Welcome to Westland Seeds

Westland Seeds is a global operating breeding company. Our breeding program is based on expertise, commitment and focus. Westland Seeds breeds to fit the specific needs of growing conditions, climates and market requirements. Together with our dedicated team we bring our passion to results.

Peppers are our life, a life we would love to share with you.

About Westland Seeds

Westland Seeds supplies growers with the best possible customized pepper varieties. Our best varieties are selected together with the experts in the field. Hybrids for each growing region are tested at our various inter(national) screening facilities and trials at dedicated growers. Westland Seeds was established by a grower for growers, therefore it remains close to its customers and will quickly anticipate to changes in the market.

Maximum yield

Our seeds are sold through a worldwide distribution network. After germination, once seedlings have emerged, growers are supported throughout cultivation in order to generate the maximum yield and quality for the growers.

If you would like to contact Westland Seeds or visit our demo/breeding greenhouse, please get in touch with us by using ‘Contact’

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Welkom in de keuken van Westland Seeds