tooty fruity strain

Tutti Frutti

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An explosively sweet sativa-dominant hybrid. The smell (and taste) of Tutti Frutti is explosively sweet

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Plums, cherries and even orange. The smell (and taste) of Tutti Frutti is explosively sweet. And the effects of this species are at least as versatile.

Tutti Frutti is a sativa-dominant and hybrid strain. The high has a slow sneaking and euphoric effect. Often this builds up without you even noticing. Tutti Frutti gives a strong head high that stimulates the senses and stimulates the problem-solving capacity.

At the end of the high you feel calm and clear. Relaxing your muscles and stress disappear like snow in the sun. A place on the couch is therefore extra attractive. However, a couch-lock hardly ever occurs.

The Tutti Frutti is a cross of different hybrids. The strain consists of a mix of Blue Haze, Green Haze, Thai Sativa, Lowrider, Haze and Sour Diesel . The result? A highly aromatic and stimulating plant.

Tutti Frutti sativa dominant hybrid species. Tutti Frutti has a wonderful aroma and taste. The high has a slowly creeping euphoric effect that often builds up without you realizing it.