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Chronic Cannabis Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

The word ‘chronic’ immediately brings to mind feelings of persistent pain and intense discomfort; however, within the marijuana world, chronic has an entirely different meaning.

When talking about marijuana, ‘chronic’ refers to herb that is exceptionally high-quality and rich in THC . There is no better example of chronic marijuana than the Chronic strain. Fitting name, right?

This balanced hybrid strain is well known for its massively intense strength, as well as its hugely calming and soothing effects. It also has a reputation for being incredibly delicate and gentle, in both physical appearance and its actual effects.

Let’s take a look at what makes Chronic the perfect marijuana strain to take for the ultimate relaxation experience.

What Is the Chronic Strain Cannabis Strain?

Chronic is a balanced hybrid strain that has been around for many decades and has consistently remained a crowd pleaser since its creation in 1994. It was originally created by Serious Seeds, who crossed Northern Lights with Skunk . They were unhappy with the results and decided to add a further strain into the mix: AK-47 . The addition of the third strain increased the buds’ resin content and added a level of complexity to the strain’s effects, which have resulted in it going on to win a number of awards over the years. One of the things that makes Chronic so popular is its perfect balance, with it being a 50% indica / 50% sativa hybrid, causing a euphoric mind high and a level of deep relaxation at the same time.

Chronic has become a popular strain across Europe winning first place in a number of competitions including: At the High Life Cup Barcelona in 2004, La Bella Flor Cup Spain 2003 and El Punto Cup Malaga in 2005. It has also gone on to win a number of smaller awards over the last decade.

Chronic offers a multilayered high, combining a deep, thought-provoking mental state with full body relaxation which can easily leave you couch locked for hours at a time. If you are looking for a less intense high and one that allows you to do a little more than laze on the sofa all afternoon, it is recommended that you smoke Chronic in small doses, possibly topping up a few hours into the high. Although, even in small doses, you should not expect to be taking on physical activities.

The effects of Chronic set in almost instantly, clearing your mind and placing you in a state of complete relaxation. Time appears to slow down around you and thoughts can feel slightly jumbled at first, although you quickly adjust and are able to think much deeper than normal and work through ideas much more intensely. You may find that you become lost in your own mind, unable to articulate your thoughts and easily becoming caught in the complex web of ideas that are floating in a dreamlike state through your mind.

The physical effects of Chronic slowly start to sneak up on you, and your body begins to feel as though it is a separate entity from your mind. Your limbs may feel heavy, with excessive movement becoming increasingly difficult. Chronic is best enjoyed during the early evening or on a day when you have no plans and are just looking to chill out. It is definitely a strain to stay away from if you have a long and packed day ahead of you and a never-ending list of chores to work through, because with just a few puffs of Chronic it is unlikely that you will even tick the first task off of your list.

When smoked in smaller doses, Chronic can be a great social strain, giving you enough of a mind buzz that you feel talkative and giggly without the full physical relaxation that can cause you to drift in and out of a dreamlike state and not really engage with those around you. Make sure that you are fully stocked up on snacks or have a take-out on its way, as Chronic can cause a deep feeling of hunger, and due to the length of the high can result in a great deal of snacking .

What kind of aroma can you expect from this award-winning strain?


Chronic has an extremely sweet aroma, with a fresh, summery feel to it. If you close your eyes while standing in a cloud of Chronic smoke, you feel as though you have been transported to a summer’s garden, complete with colorful flowers and a bowl full of strawberries. There are a lot of different smells packed into Chronic’s small buds, including honey, strawberries, and floral notes. They all work beautifully together as though they really are all part of the same garden. Grinding Chronic adds a slight spicy tone to the mix, transporting you from a summer’s afternoon to long evenings toasting marshmallows around the campfire.

Chronic’s harsh smoke lingers in your throat and can cause several minutes of uncontrollable coughing , coming as quite a shock to the system, given the delicate, summery aroma that Chronic releases. After the first few puffs, you do start to get used to the thickness of the smoke, although it does slightly take you out of the peaceful summer mindset.

How does the flavor profile of Chronic compare to its floral aroma?


Just like its aroma, Chronic has a complex flavor profile, mixing delicate flowery flavors with a deep earthiness. Unfortunately, the sweet strawberry and honey aroma does not carry over to your taste buds; but do not worry too much because none of the floral freshness is lost. The first wave of Chronic smoke leaves a flowery, almost perfume flavor on your tongue as it works its way down towards your lungs. It is not until you breathe out Chronic’s thick smoke that the strain’s earthy flavor begins to come out. The two very different flavors work surprisingly well together and further add to the summer’s garden vibe felt from Chronic’s aroma.


The buds give off the impression of trying desperately to go unnoticed, being on the smallish side. A few buds on each plant tend to grow slightly more substantially, making them stand out. Even the coloring of the buds appears rather muted; the base coloring is a light, dusty green with thin red strands weaving their way throughout. The majority of the buds’ coloring comes from the layer of trichomes that covers each nug, but even these are a brownish-orange color and do not exactly grab your attention.

Chronic plants have surprisingly few leaves, giving the plant a skinny appearance. Between the plant’s muted color scheme and its thin structure, Chronic blends in well among other plants and easily goes unnoticed.

So, what do you need to know about Chronic, in order to start growing your own plants?

Chronic Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Chronic plants are relatively easy to grow. They may prove to be a slight challenge for new growers, but not so much that they are put off of cultivating future plants. Chronic requires a semi-humid climate with stable temperatures that do not suddenly drop in the evening. Depending on where you live, it is a plant that can be grown outside, but it tends to do best indoors as this allows for full temperature control. When grown inside, you can expect a large yield ; whereas outside, plants tend to produce a much smaller yield due to the change of temperature overnight. For new growers, it is probably best to keep your Chronic plants indoors in order to avoid sudden weather changes.

If you do decide to grow your Chronic plants outside, they should be ready between mid-to-late October. When growing indoors, it usually takes healthy plants anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks before buds can be harvested.

The only issue that you may have when growing indoors is that plants can grow up to 6 feet tall and so it is important to ensure that they have enough room to grow to their full potential. As plants have very few leaves, they require regular topping to ensure that they stay upright and balanced.

What levels of THC can you expect from your Chronic plants?

THC Content – Highest Test

The THC content of Chronic ranges from just above average at its lowest, to a full 10% above the average for a hybrid strain. Chronic can sometimes have a THC content as low as 13%; however, the norm is around 22%, placing it firmly in the high THC category of strains.

The high level of THC in Chronic is responsible for the speed at which the effects of its high can be felt. It is also the reason that Chronic is known for having a long lasting high, which can often last for hours at a time.

How does the CBD content of Chronic compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Just like its THC content, Chronic has a varied level of CBD, with as little as 0.2% being found in some laboratory tests and a shocking 1.8% being detected in others. While 1.8% might not seem high at first, when compared to the double-digit levels of THC, it is much higher than you would expect. It is very rare to find a strain that has both a high level of THC and CBD, so for a strain that has above average levels of THC, you would not expect to find more than 1% CBD.

The combination of THC and CBD make Chronic a strain that can be used to treat a range of different medical conditions. Why might you want to consider Chronic for medical purposes?

Medical Benefits of the Chronic Strain Cannabis Strain

Like most strains that have a calming effect on both your mental and physical state, Chronic can be used to treat both stress and depression. Chronic empties your mind and gives you the space that you need to think clearly and at a much deeper level than usually is possible. This can allow you to look at stressful situations in a new light and to stay calm in even the trickiest of situations. The ability to push negative thoughts to one side makes Chronic ideal for treating depression and helping you to gain a more positive outlook on life.

It is for similar reasons that Chronic can be used to combat insomnia. When smoked in large doses it can leave you feeling couch locked and in a deep state of calm relaxation, which makes it much easier to drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep.

Chronic can also be used to treat mild aches and pain, causing a numbing feeling to creep through your body and leave you limbs feeling light. When taken on a regular basis, Chronic can prevent minor pains from occurring and can be used to treat mild cases of arthritis as well as other conditions that can cause daily pain.

Chronic is sometimes recommended for patients who are undergoing long term treatment, which involves appetite suppressing medication, such as chemotherapy. Chronic increases your appetite and can often cause you to work your way the entire snack cupboard or make an entire pizza vanish before your eyes. Chronic can also be used to treat food-related anxieties, combining the clear-headed mind high with an increased appetite.

As is the case with almost every strain, there are a few negative side effects with Chronic that are worth being aware of.

Possible Side Effects of the Chronic Strain Cannabis Strain

The most common side effect of Chronic is the famous dry mouth . Dry mouth may sound scary at first, but it is nothing to worry about. The roof of your mouth might feel more dehydrated, as though it has a thin layer of fur stuck to it. The effects can be easily reduced by staying hydrated and should last no more than a few hours after the effects of the high. Some people report that their eyes feel dry and sometimes heavy after smoking Chronic, but this usually is short-lived, and they feel normal after a few hours.

As a result of Chronic’s high THC content, large doses can cause temporary paranoia, which can be scary when surrounded by large groups of people or in unfamiliar environments. If you know that you have a low THC tolerance or are prone to paranoid thoughts, it is a good idea to stick to lower doses of Chronic, especially at first.

Final Thoughts on the Chronic Strain Cannabis Strain

Chronic is a beautiful summery strain perfect for long afternoons when all that you want to do is chill in the sunshine and maybe enjoy the company of a few close friends. From the first whiff of its fruity, sweet aroma, you are transported to a blissfully calm, flower-packed garden, which is only improved by the floral smoke that makes your tongue tingle. With just a few puffs, stress and negativity feel like a distant memory, and you find yourself drifting in a dreamlike sea of calm. The deep physical relaxation gives your body a chance to unwind and recharge for a few blissful hours.

Chronic can also be used as a powerful medicinal strain, especially when it comes to stress-induced mental conditions, thanks to its mind-clearing effects. If you are someone who finds it difficult to unwind after a long day and is constantly replaying the day’s stresses and anxieties over and over in your mind, this might just be the perfect evening strain for you.

The next time you are seeking an afternoon full of relaxation with a slight summery twist, why not give Chronic a try and experience its balanced calming high for yourself.

Everything you need to know about Chronic marijuana strain including effects, medicinal benefits, growing tips, and more.