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SubCool’s The Dank

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Formerly known as TGA Genetics, “SubCool’s The Dank” is more than a re-brand. It is a symbol of rising from the ashes. Unfortunately, SubCool’s home was destroyed in the Northern California fires of 2017. SubCool took this as an opportunity to relaunch TGA Genetics, a company that had been providing top-of-the-range seeds, flowers, and extracts since 2001.

The alter ego of TGA Genetics’ top breeder SubCool is often referred to as the “Weed Nerd”—A direct result of SubCool’s great cannabis knowledge and growing expertise. SubCool is also famous for producing pages and pages of exquisite marijuana photography in his “Book Of Dank” and “Dank 2.0.”

SubCool’s The Dank is clear defiance in the face of unfair odds. The passion, dedication, and love for cannabis shine through to allow this re-branded venture to build upon the best possible genetics.

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Formerly known as TGA Genetics and rebranded into 'SubCool's The Dank'. Check out all his impressive cannabis strains here at CannaConnection!