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New Product: Swami Select

Swami Select Now Available at San Francisco’s Barbary Coast Collective

SAN FRANCISCO, May 31, 2017 — Swami Select, hailed as “The Dom Perignon of Cannabis” by VICE, announced today it will begin sales of its medical cannabis in San Francisco at the Barbary Coast Collective.

Swami Select Co-Founder Nikki Lastreto said, “We are excited to be working with a dispensary as compassionate and cutting edge as the Barbary Coast. Together, we’re committed to providing the medical cannabis community with quality product, unparalleled service and an elevated sense of style.”

The florid terpene profiles, diamond-studded buds, and rigorous environmental standards cannaisseurs have come to expect from Swami Select is available for the first time in a brick-and-mortar San Francisco dispensary. Farmed in Northern California’s renowned Emerald Triangle, Swami Select’s craft cannabis is cultivated, cured, hand-trimmed, lab-tested and packaged in violet UV-friendly glass jars.

“We’re excited to be able to offer Swami Select on our menu. Like the Barbary Coast, they’re highly committed to quality and safety. Our clients can trust knowing we’re partnered with top-tier cultivators like Swami Select,” said Barbary Coast Collective owner, Jesse Henry.

All-natural Swami Select brand medical cannabis is available at The Barbary Coast for $50 an 1/8 in the following strains:

● Shakti Pot – 24.0 THC / 0.0 CBD

○ In Sanskrit, Shakti means “energy” and Pat means “to bestow” so Shaktipat is the passage of spiritual energy from an evolved being to a seeker. We played around with the name to make it fit, but the feeling is the same. These rusty colored nuggets sparkle and smell of fresh sage and an old garage. She is perfectly cured and offers balanced effects with a complex exotic flavor. Expect to see things clearly and from a new perspective. A good strain to write poetry, do yoga or meditate, for example.

● In The Pines – 20.99 THC / 0.08 CBD / 1.8 Terpenes

○ Spicy wafts of caryophyllene terpenes will treat your nose to a peppery sweetness reminiscent of pumpkin pie and pine forests. The flavor is consistent with the aroma. These hard and well-cured buds are grown from Aficianado seeds and are a sativa-dominant strain mix of Pineapple Thai, Pineapple, and

Master Kush. This girl will wake you up and get you going on creative projects and inspired visions.

● Jack’s Cleaner – 16.69 THC / 0.05 CBD / 1.423 Terpenes

○ TGA/Subcool bred some excellent seeds with this sativa-dominant hybrid, a cross between Jack Herer and The Cleaner. She has that new car smell with a dash of coriander. She tastes of arugula and aged oak. The sativa side of her is clear and aware while the indica part of her personality will lull you into visionary dreams. Expect a conscious relaxation for your entire body.

● Cuvée – 22.5 THC/ 0.3 CBD

○ This tasty hybrid strain from TGA Subcool/Aficianado Seeds is a mix of Pinot Noir and Space Queen. She has sticky bright green buds + lime zest and shoe polish terpenes with the taste of chocolate and raspberries with some fully overtones. Relaxed body, clear head high, mellow smiles – you may ponder the variables of creation. 30/70% Indica/Sativa

The Barbary Coast is located at 952 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103. All patients must be 18+ and have a current California ID and physician recommendation.

About Swami Select

Sungrown in Northern California’s famed Emerald Triangle, Swami Select medical cannabis leads the industry. Cultivated using regenerative farming methods, Swami Select’s, certified, lab-tested medical cannabis satisfies cannaisseurs seeking safe medicine and consistent quality. Truly artisanal, Swami Select’s expressive cannabis is cultivated, cured, hand-trimmed, and packaged in violet UV-friendly jars. Firm believers in wellness, community, and science-based research, company founders Swami Chaitanya and Nikki Lastreto serve as lead judges in the famed sungrown competition, The Emerald Cup. The pair have been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Rolling Stone Magazine for their decadeslong work supporting the cannabis movement.

About Barbary Coast Collective

Barbary Coast Collective is the one-stop shop for any medical cannabis patient seeking a superior dispensary and lounge experience. Our medicine is consistently clean, effective and affordable to serve all demographics of our diverse patronage. Founded by industry professionals in 2013, Barbary Coast has increasingly redefined the relationship between medical marijuana dispensaries and their communities; in addition to providing the best medicine, we are also philanthropists keen on improving the conditions of our neighborhood and city for the next generations.

New Product: Swami Select Swami Select Now Available at San Francisco’s Barbary Coast Collective SAN FRANCISCO, May 31, 2017 — Swami Select, hailed as “The Dom Perignon of Cannabis” by VICE,