sugar plum strain

Sugar plum strain

I got some seeds of Sugar Plum from StoneyGirl giveaways in Portland when pot became legal in Oregon last July. I’m a rookie so decided to grow it in a simple water culture system (hydro) in a cabinet. Out of 2 seeds, got one female. Here’s what my calendar log says: Aug. 12 – plant cracked seed; Aug. 13 – sprout; Aug. 31 – trim top; Sept. 13 – transition to 12/12 with partial bulb switch to red; Oct. 4 – first buds start; Oct. 18 – sugar hairs at top; Dec. 3 – flush chem; Dec. 10 – water only; Dec. 20 – Harvest – cloudy trichs. Has a nice purplish tint w/ tons of crystals. Buds were a little airy and small but that was probably my fault due to slightly high humidity and temps. Got 1-1/2 quart mason jars out of it, but 25% were popcorns. I think it could of flowerered just a little longer before I flushed. Very perfumy taste and smell. Huge creeper high, mostly mental and munchies extreme (never had such munchies); but small body high. However, the relaxing effect and mellow come down are nice. I hope to cross it with some Sweet Lafeyette soon to add a body high and call it Sweet Plum 🙂 Maybe it will put some skunk back into it. Can’t test with such a small amount, but the high is comparable to lower 20s THC and I can definitely tell there’s a decent % of CBD in it.

Sugar Plum is a heavily sativa dominant hybrid (90% sativa/10% indica) strain created as a cross of the infamous Berkeley Blues X Hawaiian Haze Plum strains. This tasty bud placed 1st at the 2003 Oregon Medical Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa and boasts an insanely high THC level of up to 25%. Alt…