strongest shroom strain

Strongest shroom strain

cambodians are most definately not the most potent. All psilocybe cubensis mushrooms are of aroudn the same potency.

Cambodian is just a certain type of psilocybe cubensis. The most potent mushroom (arguably) is psilocybe azurescens. They grow in washington and around there in woodchips and wood debris. It grows under cold conditions as far as mushroom growing conditions go.

Azurescens have been recorded to have 1.8% of its weigh as psilocybin (the active chemical in psilocybe mushrooms in case you didnt know) which is a pretty damn lot.

Edit: but as far as cubensis go, my favorite type is penis envy. It gave me one of the most pleasant mind/body trips, and it has never let me down.

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It’s kind of old..

I found Psilocybe allenii to be quite stronger than Cyans. Maybe they’re stronger than Azures too.

1.5 or aybe 2x as potent. But this is th exception with the cubes. Fresh stone producing strains are somewhere around 2x as potent by weight compared with fresh cubes, but when dry are only like .75 as potent as dry cubes, as the stones have as much water weight to shed when dried. Others like cyans and the like are reportedly quite potent as well, moreso than cubensis, but I have no experience with them. P. weilii are also supposed to be pretty strong, more than cubes, but less than cyans, if I remember correctly. But again, I dont have experience with them, either.

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Was wondering what you guys think is the most potent-mind melting psilocybin shroom strain out there? A pal of mine has thinks Cambodians are but i find that hard to believe.What do u think?