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Strawberry Cannabis Strain Review

There are some strains that are famous for their flavor and effects in their own right; strains with unique and exciting flavor profiles that leave you begging for more. There are also strains whose claim to fame is the exciting strains that have been bred from them.

A few strains, like the Strawberry cannabis strain, somehow manage to be famous for both.

It has an intensely refreshing, obviously fruity flavor and a pleasant, sativa-heavy series of effects. This is a strain that people not only use in their growing experiments but also in their day to day use.

Let’s take a look at the Strawberry strain and investigate what it is that makes it so enjoyable and sought after.

What Is the Strawberry Cannabis Strain?

The Strawberry cannabis strain is a weed strain that, as the name might imply, is well known for its significant strawberry flavor profile.

Bred from a secret stock in the Netherlands by an unknown breeding company, Strawberry is one of those strains that seems to have just burst into existence from the ether. Having no clear origins or parentage, it is instead a parent for many other strains itself.

While many strains that can list Strawberry as its primary parent tend to have the word ‘strawberry’ in their titles to aid in recognition, there are many other strains with clear Strawberry genetics without that clear signifier. Strawberry is just one of those strains that seems to crop up everywhere, especially where you least expect it.


The high that the Strawberry strain offers is surprisingly mild, considering its stellar reputation. With its individual genetics and effects leaning towards sativa, it offers a reasonably typical sativa massive experience.

Strawberry starts off with a noticeable buzz behind your frontal lobe, gradually mounting and offering up some really pleasant, gently relaxing sensations. This feeling moves into the body over time, soothing and calming every muscle in your body without you really even noticing it.

The interesting quality of the Strawberry high is its tendency to take hold without it being very noticeable along the way. Instead of the individual, self-explanatory sections to the high, it instead seems like you are suddenly high, almost out of nowhere.

There is a decent list of enjoyable mental effects as well, to go along with this relaxation. You will feel relaxed, but not lethargic, and also more creative and energized when it comes to completing mental tasks. You will feel like you can tackle anything you put your mind to, while at the same time exploring and acting a lot more sociable than you would expect.

Thanks to its relaxing, yet still invigorating series of effects, the Strawberry strain is excellent for evening or daytime use, though it is commonly taken just after getting home from work. You get to enjoy a little bit of that indica relaxation while still feeling that standard buzz of gentle, soothing passion from its heavy sativa elements.

While its effects are pleasant and a big part of why it is so popular, Strawberry is primarily known for its potent aroma and flavor. So, what is the flavor profile of this strain? Is it just one note – strawberry intensity – or is there something more interesting lying underneath the surface?


The Strawberry cannabis strain has, as you might expect, a noticeably strong scent of strawberries. You will likely smell it before you even see it, with its intense and fruity bouquet seemingly wafting towards you from a considerable distance away.

However, underneath that noticeable level of strawberries, there are sweeter, more exciting flavors going on as well. It has the aroma of a bright summer day, with wafts of incredibly delicious cream and just a little bit of earth.

This dank, slightly deep level of earthiness and slight acidity hangs out on the background of the aroma, leaving you feeling like you can’t quite place it.

What about its actual flavor, though? Does the taste match the aroma entirely?


If you have ever bitten into a fresh strawberry, recently picked and almost entirely coated in sugar and cream, then you will probably be able to imagine the potent, nearly juicy flavor of the Strawberry strain.

It doesn’t quite burst as a fresh strawberry would, which will usually take you by surprise; you almost feel like it should dribble down your chin and leave your fingers sticky. However, the deep, bursting flavors of fresh strawberries carry on your palate, coating your tongue and leaving you feeling very slightly thirsty.

The earthiness of its initial aroma deepens on your palate, going straight to the back of your throat and leaving you just a little bit overwhelmed. As you exhale, the flavor continues, though there is just the hint of that fragrant acidity at the very end to help round it out.

What about its appearance? How does the Strawberry strain look compared to its flavor profile?


Most of the time, when a strain is decently potent and flavorful, you expect it to have an attractive or otherwise strange appearance.

Strawberry is instead in defiance of this standard, as it is quite ordinary-looking when compared to most other examples of bud. It is decently large, with a slightly tapering tip that comes together in a rounded off, almost pencil eraser shape.

There is a decent smattering of white trichomes coating the surface, somewhat disguising the bud’s deeply green hue.

If your Strawberry bud has adequately been cured, you can expect to notice a plethora of color variations, typically yellow or amber in hue.

However, if you really want to ensure you can see all the very best coloration in your Strawberry bud, then you need to try and grow your own.

What kind of special knowledge do you need to be able to grow your own Strawberry?

Strawberry Cannabis Strain Grow Info

For those looking to grow their own Strawberry bud, you shouldn’t have any real trouble finding any of this strain’s seeds. Despite its intense secrecy when it comes to its originality, Strawberry seeds are available at pretty much every seed shop.

This is primarily due to how many other strains rely on this strain for their genetics, so it is still commonly used as an experimental strain, tinkered with and altered to try and find new types of Strawberry off-shoots.

Another reason why so many people decide to start growing their own Strawberry for themselves is that it is surprisingly easy to try and grow. With a pretty standard flowering time of about eight weeks, you don’t really need to do anything special or difficult to work and promote healthy bud growth.

As long as you keep it well fed with a decently nitrogen-rich fertilizer, and keep it at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, then it should produce plenty of tasty buds no matter what you do to it.

To help promote and encourage a more significant yield when it comes time to harvesting, you can use the sea of green (SOG) growing method to make sure you end up with plenty of good buds.

To do this, practice regular topping of the plant as it grows, as well as encouraging it to grow as one big, homogenous bush.

Once it comes time to harvest, make sure to get your Strawberry into whatever drying method you have chosen to use. If you neglect to put it in quick enough, you might find that it does not develop its signature pretty color.

What about its cannabinoid content? What kind of THC and CBD load can you expect in your final product?

THC Content – Highest Test

Most common marijuana strains will tend to have a pretty high level of THC, usually because growers try to breed as much of the psychedelic cannabinoid as possible into their bud. Strawberry cannabis, however, has a much gentler, respectable load.

You can expect most examples of Strawberry bud to have about 15% THC, which is just enough to really feel its effects without being too overwhelming.

This makes Strawberry the perfect strain to take if you want to avoid having to deal with too strong an instant effect after smoking your weed. Most of the time, many strains focus on giving you a powerful effect right away, sometimes being too much for those that are inexperienced with marijuana.

What about CBD content, however? What kind of CBD content can you expect from your Strawberry?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Considering Strawberry has such a lower THC content than other strains, you might expect it to have a more substantial CBD content to make up for it.

However, despite the lower cannabinoid content, there isn’t really much CBD content to be found. This means that Strawberry isn’t the best strain to go for if you are looking for a variety of therapeutic effects that CBD can offer.

This isn’t to say that Strawberry has no medical benefits, of course; there is actually a myriad of different useful medical effects.

Medical Benefits of the Strawberry Cannabis Strain

Despite the fact that there isn’t really any CBD content to be found within Strawberry, one of the most common uses for Strawberry is to try and treat anxiety. Thanks to its ability to help soothe feelings of worry, stress, or irritation, it is a perfect way to try and encourage easy thoughts and help make those with mental disorders have a better day.

This strain is also well known for its effects on physical issues, especially mild and chronic pain conditions. Thanks to the slow but continuous burn of the high, Strawberry is great for helping suppress pain problems throughout the day.

To help treat pain, people tend to use Strawberry twice in the day – once at the start of the day to help lower pain throughout the day, then again before going to sleep. Though Strawberry doesn’t directly induce lethargy or sleepiness, it does help you get to sleep by helping you feel more relaxed and calm. It gently soothes you and makes pain issues, not a problem when trying to get to sleep.

Conversely, lots of people also use Strawberry to help combat problems associated with chronic fatigue, thanks to the burst of energy this strain gives you. It is rare to find a strain that not only makes sleep easier at night but also keeps you awake during the day.

Of course, no matter how many valuable medical benefits there are, there are always going to be a few side effects to go alongside the valuable results.

What kind of side effects does Strawberry cause?

Possible Side Effects of the Strawberry Cannabis Strain

Thanks to Strawberry’s lower than average THC content, there is a surprisingly low quantity of specific side effects of this strain.

While some strains induce all kinds of unpleasant physical and mental side effects, the most significant unpleasantness of the Strawberry strain is the periodic dry mouth and dry eyes. To combat this frequent irritation, keep a moist towel on hand and make sure to remain hydrated when taking your Strawberry.

The only other side effects that sometimes get reported about the Strawberry strain are generally tied to smoking too much at once. For example, some people complain about a propensity towards headaches, particularly behind the eyes and around the temples. However, if you simply make sure not to smoke too much, you won’t really have to worry about it.

There are a few reports of irritating levels of dizziness and a bit of paranoia, but that only tends to occur if you already tend to struggle with this when smoking marijuana. It turns out that, for some people, it tends to happen no matter what you do.

Thanks to the low frequency of side effects, Strawberry is commonly used as a strain to help introduce people to using marijuana more frequently. After all, no one likes to deal with side effects, so it makes sense why Strawberry is so popular.

Final Thoughts on the Strawberry Cannabis Strain

Strawberry is one of those incredibly unique, strangely versatile strains that most regular marijuana users should have plenty of experience with. With a whole host of valuable medical benefits and incredibly pleasant effects, this is a strain that people take for all kinds of different reasons at different times of the day.

To make it even better, it possesses an incredibly pungent and immediately recognizable flavor profile, one that is sure to have every experienced smoker turn their heads at their first whiff of the bud.

For those looking for a great strain that represents an incredibly vital and important step within the marijuana world, Strawberry is an absolute necessity.

The best part is that no matter where you go to buy your weed, you will be sure to find some Strawberry on offer. Or, at the very least, a strain closely related to Strawberry that is just as good as the real thing.

Everything you need to know about the Strawberry marijuana strain, including effects, medicinal benefits, growing tips, and more.