starfire strain

Starfire strain

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Grew this my very first time growing it is spectacular. Very light and fluffy buds but a small amount will really send you flying -very heady high and not heavy munchies but super body relaxing and great for chronic pain.

Starfighter its versatility is handy being a 60/40 indica dominate. daytime use or nighttime this bud tastes lemony with a bit of earthiness but overall it has a nice kick I’d smoke again ???

I’ve been looking for this strain for months then BAM! POW!, BIFF, BAM – HOLY COW, IT IS STARGIGHTER 1, BATMAN!. This is outdoor grown in the Yakima Valley in Washington. A very good place to grow outdoors. All of the above applies but I want to emphasize the effects, which are out of this world. I use daily for medicinal and rec, so my tolerance can get a bit high, so 15% to 20% weed can take a few hits but not this stuff! FUCK ME! This is that special type of weed that the anti-weed morons freak about cause it does take you to the other side in a hurry and then it keeps you there for hours on end. I couldn’t believe how STONED I got. IF YOU CAN FIND IT, BUY IT, AND ENJOY, BUT I WOULDN’T DO THINGS LIKE DRIVE A CAR, ETC. ON THIS STRAIN. Peace to all

Got some of this that was advertised as 25.04% THC. I don’t have any way to verify or to dispute that other than to say half a joint had a welcome, but very strong effect on me for nearly five hours. That’s a very long time for me. I’d love to know what terpenes are in this strain. Tastes like lemonene for sure, and has a strong sedative effect, like beta-Myrcene.

Starfighter is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created as a cross of the infamous Alien Tahoe OG X Lemon Alien Dawg strains. With a powerful pungent lemony aroma and strong cerebral effects with a high THC level of up to 20%, Starfighter is one all-around perfect…