sour skittles strain

Sour skittles strain

A seriously good strain. I always vape this in a dry herb burner. At 375°f you can really taste those terps, a subtle sweetness, an earthy fruity taste, it tastes supreme. Heat up to 390°f and the sour starts to kick in. Finish off at 415°f for a final hit. My initial high was a heady buzz that then drifted and continued to drift over my whole body. A very enjoyable vape

Super sour on the inhale with serious notes of sour diesel, then on the exhale, it’s a pure sweet and fruity flavour. This was a really unexpected batch for me. 8 expected a Zkittlez strain to be more fruity but I’m glad I got this strain and not the grape ape x grapefruit cross of “Sour Diesel” but this stuff from BC is absolutely amazing. Potent as hell, terpy as hell, and enjoyable as hell.

Sour Skittles, also known as “Sour Skittles 20,” is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the classic Sour Diesel X Bubble Gum strains. If you're a fan of a super sour flavor and a lifted high, look no further – Sour Skittles is exactly what you need and more. This baby packs…