sour amnesia strain

Sour amnesia strain

I’ll repost my original review, and just add this – See how others mention what it does for their sex-drive! High and Horny. That seems like a REAL good buzz to me! WOW! INTENSE! I’m going to quote the information section of this strain: “The Sour Amnesia high is said to be very serene in nature with just a touch of short-term memory loss”. SERENE?! A TOUCH of short term memory loss?! This stuff will make you forget where you are! I’ve been smoking for 47 years, so I was a daily smoker before I was old enough to drive. Because of this, driving while stoned or smoking has never been an issue. That changed when I smoked this strain! I found it difficult to focus on ANYTHING! It was almost like doing acid. This is the stuff that makes novices call 911 because they think they’re overdosing. So as a recreational smoker. , there’s NOTHING better! But WAIT! There’s more! It’s not dense, so you get more product for your weight. This usually means a fast burn, but this burns REALLY slow. Usually, with this ‘fluffiness’ it would take more to roll a joint, because it packs more. This is not the case either. And just one more bonus. Man, does this stuff do wonders for my sex drive and my climax! Dollar per dollar, hit per hit, and the heights achieved, this is simply the best you could even imagine!

Sour Amnesia is a sativa dominant hybrid (85% sativa/15% indica) strain created as a cross of the insanely popular Sour Diesel X Amnesia strains. This bud took home the 2nd place prize for Best Sativa at the 2012 High Times' Cannabis Cup and boasts a THC level that typically falls between 15-20%…