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Sonoma Seeds

If you are looking for some of the most unique and newly developed strains out there, then look no further. Sonoma Seeds is definitely the marijuana seed bank for you. With a reputation for delivering some of the best and widely sought after weed strains in Canada, it is easy to see why Sonoma Seeds is an easy choice for many.

Because marijuana consumption and cultivation have been made legal all across the country of Canada, There have been many seed banks established in the area. This has given rise to many people putting up marijuana-related businesses. Furthermore, competition in the cannabis industry has reached new levels as more and more seed banks begin to operate.

With years of experience under its belt, Sonoma Seeds has definitely taken on the challenge of competing with some of the best seed banks in Canada. Here, we do a full review of Sonoma Seeds and check out what their best aspects are.

History and Overview:

Sonoma Seeds is a marijuana seed bank located in the West Coast area. Since it was established in Sonoma, California, it has been a frequent first choice for many US citizens. Because it has been operating for a number of years now, Sonoma Seeds has definitely been able to make a name and reputation for itself.

They take pride in being one of the few marijuana seed banks that grow and produce their weed seeds organically . This means that the development process that their marijuana seeds undergo does not make use of any unhealthy enhancers and medications. Additionally, Sonoma Seeds has since been praised for producing some of the strongest and most potent marijuana strains in the market today. If you are an avid marijuana fan, then Sonoma Seeds is definitely a name that you have heard of before.

Top Marijuana Seeds and Products:

Sonoma Seeds has constantly introduced some of the most premium marijuana strains ever. Aside from developing their own weed strains, they also have stocks of marijuana strains that customers are known to have high demands for. Because of this, Sonoma Seeds never fails to provide what customers are looking for. Here are some of their best-sellers:

  1. Acapulco Gold – Sativa Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  2. AK-47 – Hybrid Regular Marijuana Seeds
  3. Auto Critical – CBD Marijuana Seeds
  4. Blue Diesel – Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
  5. Hawaiian Gold – Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
  6. Chocolope – Sativa Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  7. L.A. Confidential – Indica Marijuana Seeds
  8. Bubblegum – Hybrid Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  9. Northern Berry – Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
  10. Cream Caramel – Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

They significantly have all sorts of cannabis strains. They have choices for people who wish to grow strains with either high THC levels or high CBD levels. Additionally, they usually give full details about the Indica and Sativa composition of strains so that customers can better understand the effects and hits that their seeds might have.

Customer Services:

Sonoma Seeds offers multiple ways in which customers can contact the company for any questions and inquiries that they may have. Upon accessing the web page of Sonoma, a Live Web Chat icon on the bottom right of the page can be observed. This gives customers an opportunity to speak with any customer service representative available and receive a response almost immediately.

Additionally, Sonoma Seeds provides a FAQ page for any common questions that may help customers while shopping for their weed seeds. Answers regarding delivery options, payment methods, legal requirements, and many more are available on this page. If, in any case, you still have unanswered questions, you can always contact Sonoma Seeds directly through their landlines and email address. These contact details are provided on their “Contact Us” page.

Delivery Options and Payment Methods:

Sonoma Seeds offers three (3) types of delivery options for its customers:

  • Free Shipping: Available for customers with orders above $300.00. Once the full amount reaches $300.00, delivery costs will automatically be waived.
  • Regular Shipping: Standard method with no option for Tracking Number services. Deliveries may arrive anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks for orders in Canada and the USA. Furthermore, deliveries for international orders may take 3 to 4 weeks. ($10.00)
  • Express Shipping: Express method comes with Tracking Number services and Delivery Guarantees. This is available only to Canadian and US citizens. Packages may arrive anywhere between 2 days and 1 week. ($30.00)

As for payment options, Sonoma Seeds caters to the needs of any customer in order to ensure convenience. They accept Electronic Money Transfers, credit and debit cards, BitCoin, and Cash on Delivery. Additionally, Interac is available to Canadian customers.

Sonoma Seeds Review: Conclusion

As one of the top-performing cannabis seed banks in the industry today, Sonoma Seeds has been able to compete with some of the very best. Despite limited payment options and a tendency for confiscated orders. However, foreign customers may find difficulty in ordering from this seed bank.

Sonoma Seeds has been able to compete with some of the very best seed bank and top competing cannabis seeds both in Canada and USA.