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Minecraft Seeds Pro – Manage Your Seeds Like a Pro

  • By SacheverellDec 7, 2012
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Minecraft Seeds, Made Easy

One of the neatest features of Minecraft is the ability to generate “seeds” to create worlds – not only can you share these seeds with friends who might want to build in the awesome forest-covered mountain you found, but you can reliably create that same map for yourself again and again, if you should want to have multiple projects on a single type of world.

Still, finding seeds can be a bit of work, especially if you’re tired of entering random words in, or generating random worlds trying to find the perfect place to call home. What if there was an easy way to find seeds that other people have found, and even share awesome ones of your own? Turns out there is!

JN Interactive has come up with the solution – [url=′]Minecraft Seeds Pro[/url], a wonderful app for your iOS handheld devices with this exact purpose in mind! Minecraft Seeds Pro is really handy for those seeking a better way to search and store seeds! Even better, each seed has a handy description and picture, so you can easily see at a glance what the seed offers.

Worried about finding bad seeds, or broken descriptions? No worries – every single seed is individually checked for quality, to make sure only the best seeds ever see the light of day! You can even subscribe to a particular uploader, if you really like the seeds they are showing off. This app is so good at what it does that it’s even Mojang approved!

It Gets Even Better

You can get this amazing app in the [url=’′]App Store[/url] for a mere $1.99. Even better, JN Interactive was kind enough to offer a ton of free codes for the app! We will be giving these codes away over the next few days, so if you want yours, be sure to check back frequently, and look for anything in the news, [url=’’]Facebook[/url], and [url=’’]Twitter[/url] – we will be giving them away at completely random times, so don’t miss your chance!

What’s the catch to the giveaway? Nothing at all! If you see a batch of codes posted, tweeted, or written about by us, grab one quick, and get your free copy of Minecraft Seeds Pro before they disappear! So, where are the first batch of codes?

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