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Top 5 RQS Cannabis Strains To Grow In A Sea Of Green (SOG)

There are few sights more beautiful than a sea of budding cannabis plants. The “sea of green” or SOG method is a way of growing many plants together in a confined space. Check out 5 strains from RQS that are perfectly suited for growing in a SOG.

If you have any interest in cultivating cannabis, you have probably heard of the “screen of green” or ScrOG method. This is where you grow plants through a mesh screen, bending and weaving the branches as they grow. This is to optimise light exposure to the canopy, boosting yields and keeping things neat in the process. A more focused approach with a quicker turnaround is the “sea of green” or SOG method, which maintains important differences from ScrOG. The SOG method is suited to growers with a greater number of plants to look after. It typically involves growing rooted clones from a strong mother plant in containers that are packed closely together.

You can also start your SOG from seeds; however, when doing so, it’s important to choose seeds from the same strain. Likewise, you’ll want to germinate all of your seeds on the same day. The reason for this is that you want your plants to develop an even canopy; and this is only ensured with plants of the same strain and age.

These plants are not grown to produce dense bushes of bud. They are given a comparatively short time in the vegetative phase, ranging from 3 days to a maximum of 2 weeks. Then the flowering stage is triggered with a 12-hour light cycle. This leads to plants flowering 2 weeks earlier than usual. Typically, one large apical bud will appear at the top of the main stem, with few other branches. Plants in a SOG typically grow between 40–70cm tall. The advantages of growing this way are its speed, the neatness of plants, and the cost-effectiveness of requiring less water and electricity. Consult this guide and see if you have the capability to grow your own sea of green.

So, why should you grow with the SOG method at all? Here’s five reasons—five incredible strains available from Royal Queen Seeds that are particularly well-suited to this method.


Northern Light is a classic strain enjoyed throughout the world. Its spicy taste surprises many first-timers with its subtle earthy notes. Its heritage traces back to very potent landraces of Thailand and Afghanistan. The result is a relaxing high with euphoric impact. It is reputed to soothe depression, insomnia, and physical pain quite well. The enduring quality of this strain’s powerful high makes it worth trying to grow for yourself. It is an easy plant to cultivate, with a quick flowering time. The SOG method will speed up that process without compromising on quality.

The sea of green method is great for growers working with many plants in a small place. Here are 5 RQS strains that are ideally suited to a SOG.