rs seeds

Rs seeds

The examples provided in this repository are a good place to get started. They also act as an integration testing suite we run before every commit to ensure there are no unintended breaking changes to the user space. Because of Rust’s compile-time checking, testing is that much more robust and changes can be pushed confidently.

To build any of examples, you need cargo-make . Install it by cargo install cargo-make (or see cargo-make for more).

Run examples with cargo make start example_name from the Seed repository root. Here’s our counter example:

If you are proficient in a front-end framework, creating a standalone web app is painless. You’ll notice minimal configuration:

We currently have two template repositories:

You may prefer writing in Rust and appreciate its benefits, including:

  • Rust safety.
  • Rust compile-time error, type, and immutability checking.
  • Rust built-in testing.
  • Rust speed.
  • Cleaner code and less runtime errors.
  • Cargo packages.
  • Potential pipeline/stack language consistency.

Our main focus is on developer experience, the benefits of which are currently:

  • Seed has a batteries-included approach, meaning less boilerplate and dependencies.
  • Macro syntax removes the need for transpiling and integrates naturally and flexibly with the language. This also means all the pains of embedded HTML are avoided; linting, commenting, etc. all work out of the box.
  • Built in elm-like architecture, no need for another state manager.
  • Perhaps you find JS frameworks and tools difficult to set up.
  • Very active development.

A Rust framework for creating web apps. Contribute to seed-rs/seed development by creating an account on GitHub.