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What Makes GLW’s Rosé Cannabis Strain So Dank?

Rosé is a type of wine that’s somewhere between white and red. It comes in the sparkling variety and a range of sweet and dry textures. The Rosé cannabis strain shares some of the colors and relaxing effects with its liquid counterpart.

Growing Like A Weed or GLW for short has been around in its official nature since 2014. The GLW team has been working in the cannabis market for many years, crafting their skills. Their goal is nothing less than setting the bar for what is considered handcrafted cannabis. The Rosé cannabis strain is a testament to this business model.

Rosé was created by back-crossing Cherry Pie with Grand Daddy Purple (GDP). Cherry Pie is a cross between GDP and Durban Poison. These genetics create a sizzling cerebral buzz and heavy body waves and relaxing qualities. Cherry Pie is a popular strain on the cannabis market because it’s a great representation of what a hybrid strain should be. Cherry Pie’s effects are equal parts centered in the body and mind. It’s a strain that relaxes your nerves without locking you to the couch.

Grand Daddy Purple became a staple indica strain from its inception in 2003 by Ken Estes, per Leafly. This strain was created by breeding Big Bud with Purple Urkle, it provides sedative properties that many people use for pain relief and insomnia issues.

Rosé is like Cherry Pie with a weight vest. It’s not a sedative as Grand Daddy Purple on its own, but after two or three bowls of the Rosé cannabis strain and sitting down might be the aptest choice of the user. Rosé has a terpene profile that smells like skunky cherries and pine and taste like fresh earth with hints of sour cherries.

GLW produces many wildly popular cannabis strains like Pink Taco, Galactic Glue, and Rosé. The Rosé cannabis strain in particular is a special indica-hybrid