purple headband strain

Purple headband strain

Best shit. It legit made me feel like I️ was floating

Great for pain relief and insomnia.

I have smoke alot of good strains this strain maybe in my top 20 but I would rather have sour diesel or Goji og kush.

Today I tried this. And I’ve tried several strains this past few months. Between this and glue and kosher kush idk what to do!! Great strain all in all.

Painless. Hungry. Thoughtful. Hopeful. Happy! I gave 4 stars because it lacks a great smell or taste. I give it a 5 for all around goodness not counting those.

I cry because I’ve spent that last six months tryin to get over her. I still remember that purple smell she wore with a slight hint of gasoline. We both knew it wouldn’t last forever and I do my best to forget she exists. but I still think about her from time to time. She rarely comes out so if you see her you should definitely introduce yourself (and tell her to call me)

Purple Headband is a cross between Master Kush, Sour Diesel, OG Kush and an unknown Purple, which could either be the Purple Urkle or the Purps. Being an indica dominant strain, it is quite different from the other strains you have tried before. The buds are pink and covered with vivid green tric…