purple cake batter strain

Strain Review: Purple Cake Batter by Richie Rich

Whoa! This was deleted wtf IG! Here we go!

Brand: Richie Rich

Cultivar: Purple Cake Batter

Original Breeder: Unknown

Purple Cake Batter Strain Review

Whoa! This was deleted wtf IG! Here we go!

35.88% Total Cannabinoids

Comments: Richie Rich’s last drop was hella good so when I saw his PCB I knew it was a no brainer. Awesome packaging per usual from the Eagle @stickerfarmer

1. Scent: Purple. That sugary cut that is a bit different than the old school grand daddy we grew up with. It’s fruity yet matured.

2. Appearance: Awesome looking purple nugs with milky white trichomes. Multiple layers of them once you get into em.

3. Nug Structure: Dense. Grinder preferably for future breakdowns unless it gets dry lil later in the week. Yup last was def still dense but dried out a lil.

4. Smoke:Smooth first few days. Lil rough slightly towards the last nug so that smoke was a lil harsher. Def fills your lungs and the exhale is big deep smoke.

5. Taste: Calm rounded exhale, little spice on the nose tingles, but it’s leaving the mouth smacking with that purple candy taste.

6. Reaction: Lazy eyes 👀 pretty fast. Maybe 5 mins till your body is relaxing without a worry. Couple days since updating the review, now I’ve packed a fresh one using the grinder & it’s coming correct just as I wrote before.

7. Conclusion: Yup. Purple flavors with a candy type of vibez to it was a win. Draw back was it dried out A bit towards the end of the jar. I usually drop an tiny bit of orange peels to rehydrate but forgot.

8. Lift vs Ticket: Towards the peak of the yucks ✅🆙 the food chain. Worth the adventure but I’ll place it as “specialty/celebration” pick up.

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