pink runtz strain

The Pink Runtz Strain Is A Mysteriously Sweet And Floral Designer Strain

The Runtz family only seems to be growing as people become increasingly aware of its beautiful smell and heady effects. There have already been new variations on the cultivar, such as the White Runtz. The original Runtz strain comes from crossing Gelato with Zkittlez to produce arguably one of the most currently popular strains up and down the West Coast. A mysterious off-shoot of this strain that’s been building its own immense hype is the Pink Runtz strain. Some say that it’s just a different phenotype of the original Runtz. Meanwhile, others believe that it comes from crossing Pink Panties with Rainbow Sherbert.

No matter where it came from, the Pink Runtz strain is undeniably gorgeous to feast your eyes upon. Dark, sassy green hues largely make up the color of this bud, with sneaky alcoves of purple interwoven. This is the kind of super chunky indica-dominant bud that you need to bust out the grinder to breakdown. With the same creamy and candy-like qualities that the original Runtz has, the Pink Runtz delivers similarly on. Where it differs though, is in the exact terpene profile.

The Linalool Terpene

In a live-resin offering of this strain that I’ve had from Oleum in WA, the dominant terpene that was shown on the packaging was linalool. The Runtz strain’s lineage basically only suggests that caryophyllene should be the most dominant terp in any cross of it.

Having linalool come to the top of the terpene pile suggests not only a sweeter and more candy-like taste but also more sedative effects. It also suggests that the strain could, in fact, be a different Runtz phenotype with a stronger Zkittlez presence.

In the natural world, you can find linalool in lavender and over 200 different types of plant species. Rarely does it make an appearance as a dominant terpene in any cannabis strain. The antimicrobial effects of linalool can also represent therapeutic uses in people.

Linalool has long been used as an antibiotic in traditional medicine for its sedative qualities and the potential to quell epilepsy. The high that comes from smoking some Pink Runtz is one that will keep you incredibly chill and lift your spirits immensely.

Find The Pink Runtz Strain In California

The Fire Society has a super potent version of this strain that will get your mouth watering. Their offering of the potent strain is coming in at 22.39% THC so it leaves a strong potential for ample entourage effects.

A mysterious off-shoot of the Runtz strain that’s been building its own immense hype is the Pink Runtz strain. Learn More.