pineapple thai strain

Pineapple thai strain

Pineapple Thai Strain

THC: 20% – 24%, CBD: 5%

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This awesome bud is hard to find So load up when you see it. You won’t be disappointed I can promise you that!!

Dabbed it (the oil) under my tongue and let it play for awhile, slowly dissolving. Yup kinda had a mild charred oil taste but not offensive. It responded after about 1/2 hr then increased the high for about another hour. After 3 hours it was still active. I then vaped Gorilla Glue and that was the cherry on top. One nice hit on my GG vape pen and I went into full Stoned Effect. lasted the rest of the night till about 10pm. I’ll do it again in tonight case I missed something the first time around. It also addressed my torn rotor cuff and joint pain and I still remember what I watched on TV last night.

I grew 4 of these plants in my garden last year and was surprised at the yield. The plants reached 15 and a half feet tall and on average 13 feet wide. the smoke is euphoric, smooth, and extremely tasty. The high will have you wanting to fix that cupboard door the misses has been bugging you about for six months. I’m getting this strain again next year for sure.

Pineapple Thai is an extremely rare 100% pure sativa strain with unknown genetics due to breeder secrecy. This dank bud boasts a potent average THC level that ranges from 20-24% and an insanely high CBD level that ranges from 4-5% on average. Pineapple Thai is best known for its aroma of sweet tr…