pine strain

Pine strain

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?? Dam Great uplifting energy and cured my back pain from constantly Bruce Lee stlye of walking and diet exercise and fender bending ? great for day time but u might stare at wall might get less done the normal might get more done ✅ ?✌?

Definitely one of my favorites. Taste somewhat reminds me somewhat of Super Lemon Haze. Always packs a nice upbeat high. I highly recommend it for anyone with Anxiety and stress or someone whose trying to fuck today in the mouth and get shit done.

the smell of it is extreme! smells kind of musty/woody like cologne. Pine OG gives a strong head high and might make you a little anxious if you’re not a smoking veteran.

Just picked this up from a dispensary in California. It’s very nice, and the description is well suited! I smoke a lot so I have built a strong tolerance. If I give this 5 stars, it’s for a good reason!

The summary above doesn’t even do this strain justice. Absolutely perfect taste and smell for any bud lover. the earthy pine and fresh hints of lemon make this a top 3 favorite strain ever. Major props to the DC area Pine OG grower. whomever that green wizard might be. If you ever get the chance to try this strain go for it. You won’t regret it. The high is satisfying and has legs to it. Not for the inexperienced smoker at all. Pretty much. it’s dank.

Though popular with the few patients who have sampled it, Pine OG is pretty hard to find in most of the United States. It might sell at select dispensaries on the West Coast or in Colorado, but beyond those legal markets it's likely quite rare. It's a pure sativa, a rarity these days, and it's st…