orange sherbet strain

Orange Sherbert

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Overall, an excellent strain that should be much more popular than it is at the moment.

Really easy to grow in hydroponics, doesn’t mind the odd PH swing out of range and handled mainlining absolutely fine, the inter-nodal spacing tight, maybe a little too tight for people who don’t defoliate.

She did struggle with root rot from late veg and throughout the bloom cycle which I think hurt yields, but that’s okay, I have switched to silver bullet in future and will reduce the organics I use.

More importantly, she produced mostly rock hard, beautiful flavoursome flowers with tangerine coloured pistols, tasting like acidic citrus candy with a really nice uplifting high with a back stroking, comforting feeling.

Don’t let the low THC level put you off, she is the gift that keeps on giving when put into the vape bowl, getting noticeably more draws than other ‘stronger strains’ like Blackberry Moon Rock and Royal Gorilla.

The high lasts for a good while as well, a quick come up, but one that levels out and remains for over an hour before slowly drifting back, just in time for another toke.

Siento no tener fotos de esta cosecha. Se me fue el santo al cielo y me lo fume todo.

Esta es la planta mas potente que a salido en la cosecha.

Los cogollos son compactos y como piedras y muy pero que muy carnosos.
El olor del cogollo picado y fumado es el mismo, naranja. Es increíble el sabor a naranja que tiene. Y su efecto. no apta para el dia. 0. te deja K.O. en 3 caladas. Muy pero que muy fuerte. Genial para la noche o para relajarse.

Esta planta es de 10

Very heavy indica. Gets you so freaking stoned its awesome haha. Myself and a few mates already all said this pheno is a definite keeper! huge heads, amazing taste, incredible smell and best of all knocks like a donkey just kicked you:laughing::joy::smiley:

Already got clones growing for the next run! will be growing this strain probably for the next year straight.

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