northern haze strain

Northern Haze Express (Positronics) feminized

Northern Haze Express is an autoflowering cannabis strain that combines two popular hybrids with ruderalis. Northern Lights #5 and Haze were crossed with Lowryder, making this strain fast-flowering, potent and a large yielder. When smoked, its sticky buds provide a sweet, hashlike taste and deliver a balanced high with a pleasant body stone. It’s a good all-round strain for any time of the day.

Northern Haze Express (Positronics) feminized
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Positronics – Northern Haze Express: An offspring of champions

Positronic made a pretty safe bet with Northern Haze Express when it crossed two champion strains and, on top of it all, made it an autoflowering strain. The result is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is a combination of the potent Haze and the heavy-yielding and relaxing Northern Lights, with autoflowering characteristics of Lowryder.

Northern Haze Express’s growing traits are more on the Haze side, growing as a pretty big and branchy plant with lots of bud sites and one formidable cola in the middle. For a plant that huge, it needs only 10-11 weeks to go from seed to a bountiful harvest, producing 50 to nearly 120 grams per plant, if all the right growing conditions are met. It performs great, both indoors and outdoors, just take care when planting it indoors. Some low-stress training is advised to keep the plant short and manageable.

The buds produced on Northern Haze Express are delicious looking and covered in sticky resin with a respectable 15-20% THC content and low to medium CBD, depending on the phenotype. Flavor is characteristic of Haze and NL#5, combining sweet and hash like notes that induce perfectly adjusted, but very potent, mental and physical effects, leaving you high and relaxed.

Northern Haze Express is another great strain in the modern cannabis breeding community, providing a fresh new choice for many cannabis aficionados, and with the increased popularity of autoflowering sorts, this one is sure to be welcomed in the ganja society.

Northern Haze Express is a qualified strain in Positronics' autoflowering family, with a top-tier genetic background.