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Great Customer Support

I ordered a pack of seeds from them and received the correct strain, but just the wrong amount. They got back to me in a timely manner and sent me the correct order as soon as they could.

Great Customer Service.

Had a package get lost in the mail with all the covid delays. Neptune worked with me and even sent out fresh order for me. Can’t recommend enough.

My first purchase

My first purchase! Excellent and smooth service with an unexpected freebie. Thanks!

Great service

First batch of seeds had issues and they sent another no questions asked. Great and quick to respond. Arrived within 2 weeks of ordering.

Their customer service is non existent…

Their customer service is non existent and if you try to get ahold of them through social media they either ignore you or put you on blast like your the one doing something wrong. They are the epitome of stuck up I’m better than you I’ve got what you want and if you don’t kiss my a$$ I’ll just block you. I have little doubt they will be out of business soon. The way they act and treat legit customers is pathetic.

Neptune auctions

I have been using Neptune auction site for a lot of my previous orders. They have helped me acquire some cultivars that if not for them are no longer to be had. Always fast shipping and never had no issue with receiving my orders. One of the best banks I have used and will continue to use. Thanks Neptune!

Poor seeds I killed have been replaced! Neptune was nice enough to send me a replacement box, don’t drown your seeds!

I ordered some specialty genetics which I was really looking forward to. A little brain damage maybe but I tried to sprout my seed in hydro cups and managed to kill them all. very sad. Spoke with customer service and they have sent me a new box 🙂 truly grateful love this company and will purchase from them only.

Good people, products & service

This is my second time with Neptune. First order produced excellent results. I noticed that their packaging has improved. Consignment was speedily dispatched, however, it was delayed approximately 5 weeks due to Covid 19. Can’t wait to get my next project underway.

I’m a very happy customer!

Don’t send cash unless you want to be…

Don’t send cash unless you want to be completely ripped off! Played games for 2 weeks telling me mail was behind then just stopped replying! Do not send these scammers cash. This website is a joke!

Its been 2 weeks now

Its been 2 weeks since i first planted the 4 seeds. 1 was a dud. and it was the free gift. 2 have barely grown. and 1 is looking beautiful. i give 4 stars right now because im a newbie and i am using a closet to grow in and i have bad air intake and exhaust. i will be buying a tent and ventilation soon. so im going to review every month or so

#1 in customer service .

I have been ordering from Neptune for years and they have never disappointed. Always fast and excellent customer service. These guys just recently went above and beyond to meet my inquiries to the tune of giving out of there own vault to accommodate my order. I’m sold that this is the best bank for your exotic bird seed needs! Keep up the great work, you have a customer for life.

how do I begin LOL this is the number…

how do I begin LOL this is the number one seed bank in America bar none. Excellent selection great prices an unbeatable customer service! A+

Great customer service

Great customer service. The genetics preservation pack arrived safely in Canada. I have ordered several times from them and only had one issue but they were very courteous and prompt with a solution.

Great customer service quick shipping…

Great customer service quick shipping overall it was a really good business transaction. Highly recommended will be a return customer as long as your in business.

Put in 2 orders with NSB (copped some…

Put in 2 orders with NSB (copped some packs from umami seed co and hermetics genetics). First time sending cash in an envelope, so was hesitant at first but I have had nothing but great experiences with NSB.

All emails were responded to within a day, the order was sent out the day payment touched down.

communications are transparent and honest.

also! got freebies too! paid for 1 pack and was expecting 1 pack but got 2 of the pack that I ordered + a pack of dungeon vault genetics too ! so the value of what I received was like 2.5x what I actually paid for

will be gettin my seeds only from NSB from now on!

maybe it’s just my intuition but i wouldnt doubt that the bad reviews are from competitors who are haters

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