mr nice guy strain flowering time

Mr nice guy strain flowering time

one of my favorites as ive kept it for 12 years. my mom likes it for stomache problems and it doesnt make you feel alot of anxiety (think sativa weed). i dont know whats with the one dude on here, but. i dont know what thats all about but you need a psychiatrist, dont blame the bud lol. like come on. that aside the strain i have is super berryish with a hint of they say “sandal wood” but i call it like you took a shrub or tree root and scraped it with a knife, just really “wood” smelling like a wood rosin. it isnt always the most potent but it is at the same time. so it gets a five out of five from me. you may need about a few crumbs more in your one hitter, but the high is where its at. super pure, super relaxed and hits you each hit harder. in the end its a berry wood slight skunkyness flavor, like a slight berry with honey and woodyness, good in the morning or night. especially nice in the morning because its an indica that doesnt act like one entirely, it seems to leave out the ultra tiredness-all around its why i kept it. id say it has higher cbd than they say because its creeperish. takes a second but keeps building.

Okay it must be my brain chemistry but I nicknamed this strain Mr. Asshole. LOL. It may be pure coincidence so I would try it again slooowwwly. It turned me into a sobbing emotional freak which I am rarely. Like I couldn’t stop crying. It may have hit some hidden nerve somewhere inside me but I couldn’t tell you why I was so upset it. I gave it like 5 tries and traded it out. Only time I have ever traded weed because I hated the effect (however I’m a newbie. I smoked here and there 30 years ago in highschool and then quit by 18. I only picked it up again within the last 2 years to help me get off Xanax faster than normal weening as I don’t have patience to ween for 6-8 months. I was Xanax within 2 months so I did taper this just allowed me to speed it up. It was per my brother’s suggestion as he uses for severe rheumatoid arthritis. Anyway my point is that I have a running list of the strains I try because where I live you get what you get typically from “your person” in its still illegal medical and recrec in my state.

This medical marijuana strain which is otherwise called as 'Mr. Nice Guy' is an indica-dominant strain created by Sensi Seeds. This strain is the second prize winner of the '2004 High Life Cup'. This was created by crossing Government-13 (G-13) strain with the Hash Plant. This strain is named in …