mountain mist strain

Mountain mist strain

I picked up a vape pen of Methow Mountain Mist the other night, and am REALLY IMPRESSED! It gives me a calm feeling, yet focused, creative, and happy without the giggles. Unlike some sativa-dominant strains, it doesn’t keep me awake and makes dreams less intense. I give it 5 stars and an A+ grade. Now to look for it in bud form! It’s funny, though. When I tell my friends the name, their immediate reaction is “METH. ARE YOU NUTS. ” Methow, WA is a town east of the Cascade Mountains and north of Chelan.

Methow Mist, also known as “Methow Mountain Mist,” is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created through a cross of the classic Early Riser X Kali Mist strains. With a light uplifted cerebral high that's perfect for getting a head start on your day, Methow Mist is a great ch…