most psychedelic strains

Which strain offers the most “psychedelic” high

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I think some of you guys may be getting the wrong impression on what I asked. I have tripped on most popular psychedelics, including DoB (which was ridiculous 36+ hour trip) before I even smoked marijuana.

When I finally lost my weed-viginity I was fully tripping. I saw morbid faces all over my windshield and the walls of rooms. I saw an old lady rotting away, I saw a zombie-like creature screaming with his mouth open, and I could see each individual crevasse of his teeth. I even saw some alien looking creature, similar looking to a troll from the warcraft series. He was standing tall over a cliff wearing a WW2 American uniform. The more I stared at the visuals the more detailed they became, the dude wearing the WW2 outfit became so detailed I could see every linen fiber of his uniform and even various particles blowing in the wind around him.

It was an experience I never had before and would love to have it again, but I know it can’t happen seeing as I have smoked too much of the green unless I take a month T-break.

So when I say “psychedelic” or trippy bud, I just mean a very strong and UNIQUE sativa that when you smoked you KNEW it had to be a strain.

I tried to order some White Widow from dr chronic last night but my banking company put a hold on my card because of recent activity. So now I have a 2nd chance to choose what I want. This will be my first grow but I don’t need a noob-friendly strain because I have friends who have experience with growing and would be more than happy to help me.

But this is what I have the strains narrowed to in no order.

1. Sour Diesel
2. Durban Poison
3. White Widow
4. White Russian

Sorry if I am dragging this thread out, but I want to make sure I am getting seeds I won’t be disappointed with if I am dropping the big $$$ for the seeds. Oh and sorry if it’s hard to follow my writing, didn’t sleep till 4 AM just reading these forums lol.

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Sour Diesel is a pure indica.
White Widow is mostly indica.
White Russian is mostly indica.

Durban poison is pure sativa but i wouldn’t recommend it.
I would recommend Nebula

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Imma have to disagree with you natmoon, sour diesel is mostly sativa (80% sativa I believe).

But do tell me about Nebula if you don’t mind, you’re the first to recommended that strain .

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Imma have to disagree with you natmoon, sour diesel is mostly sativa (80% sativa I believe).

But do tell me about Nebula if you don’t mind, you’re the first to recommended that strain .

Yeah man why not everyone else does
Makes little difference though i am still usually right lmfao
Go here for nebula.
Paradise Seeds Nebula (10 Cannabis Seed Pack) Winner 3rd prize Highlife Cup 2004

Sour Diesel, recently named HighTimes strain of the year, boasts beautiful sugar covered leaves and crystal coated buds. This plant is currently the world’s most popular and is famous for a reason. The Sour Diesel packs sky-high THC levels with that surprizingly flavorable diesel taste.

Pure Indica/F1 Hybrid
Harvest Date: Mid. Late Sept.
Flowering Period: 6 -7 weeks
Very fast flowering plant producing copious resin.

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Where did you get that information? After doing some snooping around it seems like an inconsistency of websites to state whether it’s sativa or indica, but wiki says it’s mostly sativa (Ya I know, it’s wiki), and a few sites here and there say the same thing.

But after reading smoke reports, or talking to fellows who have smoked it, I am convinced it’s sativa considering the soaring head high each person claims to get.

Not trying to argue with you for the sake of arguing, I just want to make sure it really is sativa before I throw down the bones.

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None of them are the original sour diesel but i am sure they are very good still.
Heres a write up on Nebula and a link to a highly detailed report on reservoirs hybrids.
Sour Diesel BX 1.5 Seeds from Reservoir Seeds – Marijuana Seeds Review

Apart from Sensi Star and Belladonna, Nebula (also called Starcloud, due to its stellar qualities, as Luc Krol from Paradise Seeds explains) for sure is one of Paradise Seeds` most popular strains, having scored a lot of prizes at various weed festivals and contests. It has been available as seed variety since the mid-90ies, belonging to Paradise`s initial seed collection. Taking a closer look at Nebula`s genetics reveals its secret of success: She is composed of a fruity sweet US Haze-dominated genetic line and the spicy Master Widow, a White Widow cross in the 13th generation (at that time) developed by Dutch seed breeder Ingemar. This fine Mostly Sativa genetic lineage represents a perfect synthesis of both parents, Nebula tends to have that trade mark white appearance of the White Widow family combined with the fruity sweetness and soaring high of the Sativa parent.

I stumbled upon Nebula in 2000, when Luc gave me a bright little piece of Nebula water hash that strongly smelled like lemon, being extremely sticky. After inhalation, this rare specialty came down on me like a bolt from the blue, it was the strongest Sativa-like hash I had smoked so far. So I quickly decided to put this strain to a cultivation test for the first time. A friend of mine sowed six Nebula seeds (all of them sprouted), kept them in vegetative growth for four weeks and ended up in three females after having shortened the light cycle to 12 hours. The plants were grown on soil, together with other strains under a 600 W HPS lamp and exhibited great uniformity. At the beginning of the flowering stage, they were 50-60 cm high, with moderate side-branching and dark-green leaves. The flowering cycle revealed that the plants would stretch a little bit, finally reaching approx. 80-90 cm at harvest time still an optimum indoor height. Nebula exhibits strong, long hairs and very densely packed flower clusters that are coated with large amounts of resin glands in the course of flowering. However, note that this strain has rather high light requirements, never expose it to low light setups, but make use of the fact that Nebula will reward extra light with extra buds. The grower`s three Nebula plants were ripe after 8-9 weeks of flowering, exactly matching the time period stated in Paradise Seeds`catalogue (which at that time was 56-63 days, nowadays it`s 60-65 days). They were rich in resin, but could not quite compete with the sheer abundance of White Widow. Nevertheless these big buds delivered a stronger and more complex buzz than White Widow amazing. Furthermore the high effects resembled those of the previously tested Nebula water hash pretty much, even though somewhat less intensive, of course. A very fast effect onset is followed by a long-lasting cerebral sativa high, accompanied with a certain degree of indica stonedness after some time – Sativa & Indica at their best. Some people even describe Nebula`s high as trippy or psychedelic. As for the Nebula`s THC potential, Paradise Seeds states 16-20%.

And yes, these guys have any legitimation to maintain that Nebula earns its second nickname honey pot for its sweet smell and distinctively honeyed fruit flavor. Both smell and taste of the grower`s Nebula buds were fantastic, indeed very sweet and fruity, and also very smooth in the lungs. Luc reports that Nebula also performs very well in a sea of green setup, recommending 20 plants per square meter for this method (potential yield: up to 500 grams per m2). Nebula will do well in hydro, coco or soil indoors. But this is not the whole story: It can also be grown successfully outdoors even in Holland (harvest time: mid-October), generally being an appropriate choice for outdoor gardens in temperate zones that offer a minimum flowering time of 9 weeks before the first frost. Once again: Nebula needs plenty of light, so locations with southern exposure will yield the best results, in figures 500-600 grams per plant according to Paradise Seeds.

Nebula is a remarkable high-quality strain with the extra plus of great versatility. Grow it, smoke it, get ready for take-off and then reach for the stars.

It is illegal to cultivate cannabis in the UK

GBI Green Born Identity

Cultivation data recorded by the grower:

Strain/Seed Bank Nebula/Paradise Seeds
Genetic lineage Mostly Sativa (US Haze-Cross x Ingemar’s Master Widow)
Suitable environment Indoors, outdoors between 50 NL and 50 S
Vegetative stage 4 weeks (incl. germination)
Flowering time 8-9 weeks, in general 60-65 days
Medium standard grow-mix
pH 6-7
EC up to 1.9
Light 600 W HSP
Temperature night: 16-18C
day: 24-28C
Air humidity 50-70%
Watering flood irrigation
Fertilizer (veg. stage) Advanced Hydroponics Dutch Formula
Fertilizer (flowering stage) Advanced Hydroponics Dutch Formula
Stimulants Bio Nova X-cel
Height 80-90 cm
Yield 23-28 grams per plant

I think some of you guys may be getting the wrong impression on what I asked. I have tripped on most popular psychedelics, including DoB (which was…