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Mosca Seeds

Mosca Seeds is a breeder famous for producing exceptionally top quality cannabis seeds from Indica and Skunk strain seeds that come from some of the most outstanding American genetics. The most famous strains are Cinderella 99 bx1, Mach Fly and Mosca Negra Seeds.

Mosca Seeds is a relatively new and small seed bank, whose popularity has constantly been rising over the years. They mostly produce quality hybrids. Mosca Seeds has high quality control, that makes it popular among many connoisseurs of cannabis.

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SkywalkerOG BX1 f1 x f6

Pink Animal Crackers

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Pink Animal Crackers

SkywalkerOG BX1 f1 x f6

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I like the user-friendly effect but not the taste. Plants are compact and has strong resistance. Boom Boom is very easy to grow once a phenotype is found. This is a must-have plant in my staple.

Boom Boom is a power up item. If I were a car, Boom Boom increases the engine size. I have more torque at low rev.

High came gradually. Good feeling and energy. Not trippy, not hysterical. Good mood, confidence, in control, and a bit mellow. Three hours in, I was not stoned but slept easily and very well. Also broke a finger during work out a couple of days ago, Boom Boom helped with swelling and pain.

Overall, the effect is tempered balanced high. Energetic without the spaz and relaxing without the stone. All positive effect. Boom Boom is a go-to weed for daily use. She is a girl you would marry and not a high maintenance hot date that you show off with.

For such thick bud structure, I thought Boom Boom would be a stoning Indica, she is not. To me it is more like 50/50 Sativa/Inidca effect with some damping effect from CBD.

Taste – classic sour skunk

Taste is very nice but not remarkable in this day and age. Buds certainly need curing. Smell during flowering was not crazy strong. For medical use, taste would not be so important.

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