mojo strain

Mojo strain

Nice hybrid. I am getting conflicting strain data (some indicating a 50/50 split while others reporting an indica dominant 70/30 split). It doesn’t hit me like typical indicas do, so I am inclined to think it is a more balanced sativa/indica mix. The high is uplifting at first with a warm numbing body buzz thereafter. If you are battling some body aches, this should eliminate those issues. It put me in a good mood with a mild chill and overall feeling of no worries or pain.

Mojo is an indica dominant hybrid strain created though a potent cross of Agent Orange X (Purple Tahoe Alien X Starfighter F2). There are many other varieties that go by the name of “Mojo,” but this is the most well known version. With its heavy hitting 24-26% average THC level and insanely add…