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Come to Seedhub in Lansing, MI the best cannabis seed shop and place to buy cannabis seeds online for your grow project. Also offering a variety of mushroom spores for cultivation. Congratulations, you’ve successfully become an MRA approved State of Michigan licensed Marijuana Grower! Now what? 2018 was a big year for marijuana in the Midwest. During this pivotal year, Michigan became the first state in the region to legalize recreational marijuana.

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SeedHub is your local shop for cannabis seeds. As experienced professionals, Seedhub is here to offer advice, recommendations, and care to ensure you have a seamless grow experience. Seedhub is here to make your growing adventure as enjoyable as it is rewarding.
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First off, I personally think one of the MOST important parts of any business is the customer service. I have had the pleasure of connecting with the owners pre-store front. They are kind, very professional, and most of all, extremely knowledgeable! The variety and quality of their cannabis products are also top notch! I am so happy to see them opening a shop that I can visit!

Gina Alexis

We strive to provide the highest quality seeds from far and wide. All seeds are novelty items for collection and should NOT be germinated. Seedhub accepts no responsibility for germination, No refunds or exchanges will be granted for novelty seeds. Users should follow local laws and ordinances for use of cannabis seed products.


Congratulations, you’ve successfully become an MRA approved State of Michigan licensed Marijuana Grower! Now what? The first obstacle many state licensed Growers face is where to obtain plants, seeds, seedlings, or tissue cultures. If you are a caregiver or you hire a full-time employee that’s a caregiver, you can transfer the caregiver product to the facility when the caregiver license is surrendered. This can give your facility a “running start” such that not all of your plants have to be started from scratch.

However, if you are a 1500 plant facility, and only have two caregivers with 144 total plants, you are still going to need to access more genetics for your grow. There are a couple of avenues for a commercial grower to obtain seeds in Michigan. One way is from someone already legally growing marijuana, including other licensed Growers and Caregivers. Although licensed Growers may currently accept any product directly from a registered Caregiver or another Grower without use of a Secure Transporter. Another way, pursuant to the MTRMA, is acquiring seeds or seedlings from any adult over the age of 21.

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Pursuant to the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act (“MMFLA”), the only permanently approved source for plants and seeds is from other licensed Growers, and the sale must be completed through a licensed Secure Transporter. MMFLA licensed growers may be tempted to purchase from larger online retailers, but marijuana seeds are considered cannabis products just like flower, edibles, and concentrates. Cannabis product may not legally cross state lines so long as marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, meaning a licensed grower cannot legally purchase seeds online for their MMFLA facility. Growers licensed and operating in Michigan are limited in product selection and may only purchase, produce, and sell seeds within the state. If a Grower holds a valid medical marijuana card, he or she may purchase seeds from a licensed dispensary, but widespread commercially available seeds is a distant reality until overseas and US based seed banks can ship nationwide, which won’t happen any time soon.

Now you may be asking—if that’s the case, how does Michigan get access to top quality genetics from other states? Well, there is a backdoor way to do it, at least for now. Unlike MMFLA and MRTMA licensees, caregivers and adults over the age of 21 are not subject to the same intense regulatory requirements and inspections that MRA licensed businesses are. Essentially, caregivers and adults over the age of 21 still operate in the wild west and can get away with things that MMFLA licensees simply cannot. They can therefore serve as the conduit for out of state genetics. To illustrate, a caregiver/adult over 21 may purchase out of state genetics (which is still illegal by the way), and then sell those genetics to a MMFLA licensed grower.

While this solution isn’t great—it is at best a legal grey area, and at worst simply illegal—it is the only workable solution for out of state genetics to come into Michigan’s regulated cannabis market. Unfortunately for Michigan cannabis cultivators, MRA seems to be one (or perhaps several) steps behind in identifying and addressing problems in Michigan’s regulatory scheme.

Now let’s assume you are able to get a hold of good genetics for your MMFLA cultivation facility from a caregiver or another MMFLA licensee. How do you ensure you still have access to genetics without having to continue to purchase them from other Michigan licensees? You will need to carefully cultivate and breed the plants to ensure a constant supply of new seeds or utilize cuttings from your existing plans. Otherwise, as a professional cultivator, you will need to continue to purchase seeds from another Michigan licensed grower or caregiver.

Once a Grower obtains a stable strain that expresses consistent traits, that licensed Grower may start selling those seeds to other licensed Growers that are beginning a commercial grow. A start-up Grower may spend years crossing and breeding plants, but the best of these strains will be highly sought out by other commercial growers. This means a licensed grower could experiment with genetics, cross-breeding, and produce his or her own unique strains and results for resale to other growers, as opposed to producing merely for flower production. This is a business model we have yet to see get much traction among licensed MMFLA or MRTMA businesses, but we expect this to change soon, especially if the “caregiver backdoor” is shut down. Until then, licensed growers will be forced to purchase from other licensed facilities as well as caregivers who were able to obtain desired genetics, even if the source of those genetics was not entirely legal.

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Marijuana Seeds to Michigan State

2018 was a big year for marijuana in the Midwest. During this pivotal year, Michigan became the first state in the region to legalize recreational marijuana. With the passage of Proposal 1, weed lovers in the Wolverine State could now legally light their favorite cannabis buds, concentrates, and vapes. But that’s not all. Thanks to the state’s relaxed laws on indoor cannabis cultivation, there’s now a “growing” interest in marijuana seeds in Michigan.

If you’re one of the many people interested in marijuana cultivation, then you must familiarize yourself with the laws surrounding marijuana seeds in Michigan. Don’t worry; we’ll share all of the cannabis info you need to know below. We’ll also address a few common questions Michigan residents have before they buy marijuana seeds online.

Anyone who’s looking for high-quality marijuana seeds in Michigan should order from DutchSeedsShop.com. Since we began in 1998, we’ve sent our marijuana seeds to countless satisfied customers in the USA. There’s no need to worry about discretion when ordering from our cannabis seeds catalog. DutchSeedsShop.com always wraps our premier weed seeds in ultra-discreet packaging so nobody will know about your ganja growing hobby. Please take a few moments to browse our exciting marijuana seeds portfolio.

How Much Marijuana Could You Grow In Michigan?

Michigan’s current cannabis laws allow anyone over the age of 21 to cultivate up to 12 marijuana plants in their home.

Please keep in mind this law tracks the household, not the grower. In other words, if there are two adults in your home, you can’t grow 24 plants. You must maintain a 12 plant limit in your indoor grow facility.

It’s also important to note that Michigan home-growers must place their plants far away from windows. In fact, Michigan law requires growers to keep cannabis plants in locked and enclosed areas where no one outside can see them.

Is It Safe To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online In Michigan?

At DutchSeedsShop.com, we understand why many customers shy away from ordering cannabis seeds online. Even though marijuana is legal in Michigan, the United States has yet to legalize recreational cannabis. This might make you concerned about the legality of ordering seeds from an online platform.

To protect your privacy, DutchSeedsShop.com always ships ordered seeds in secure and stealthy packaging. We often hide our seeds in old gadgets and toys so they can bypass even the strictest of postal screeners. Plus, we never track our packages, which means you don’t have to worry about leaving a paper trail behind.

As for payment options on our platform, DutchSeedsShop.com now offers the following methods:

  • VISA or MasterCard
  • Bank transfers
  • Western Union
  • Cash in a concealed envelope

We promise every cannabis seed in our catalog has at least an 87 percent germination rate. If you experience a problem with our products or service, we will do everything we can to address your issue. Never hesitate to contact our Customer Care division on this link.

For more detailed information on DutchSeedsShop.com’s shipping & payment options, please visit this webpage.

What Are The Advantages Of Ordering Cannabis Seeds Online?

Even if you’re loyal to a Michigan dispensary, online seed banks like DutchSeedsShop.com have many advantages. Most significantly, you don’t have to worry about a shortage of strains on DutchSeedsShop.com. Unlike brick-and-mortar dispensaries, DutchSeedsShop.com has hundreds of cannabis seeds for sale year-round.

It’s also worth noting that Michigan has an opt-out program for marijuana dispensaries. This means many residents are currently living in areas that don’t have brick-and-mortar marijuana stores. In many cases, cultivators have to travel a great distance to get to a Michigan seed bank—and once you arrive at the shop, there are no guarantees they’ll have the seeds you want.

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By ordering your seeds online, you don’t have to battle annoying traffic or chilly winter weather. Please stay warm indoors and place your order on DutchSeedsShop.com!

Should Novice Growers Start With Feminized Or Auto-Flower Seeds?

If you have no experience growing marijuana (or any other plant for that matter), we encourage you to look through our extensive auto-flower catalog. Since auto-flower seeds mature without a set photoperiod, you don’t need to worry about a strict light schedule. Typically, auto-flower seeds are ready to harvest only 8 – 10 weeks after planting them.

Auto-flower seeds also don’t grow super tall, which is good news for people with limited growing space. Plus, auto-flower plants tend to be resistant to mold, which makes them extremely forgiving for new growers.

On the downside, auto seeds usually have lower-than-average yields compared with feminized cannabis plants. However, as marijuana becomes more mainstream, cultivators are working hard to perfect the genetics of many auto varieties. We bet you’ll be surprised at the high yield you could get from some of the auto strains in the DutchSeedsShop.com’s catalog.

Please follow this link to take a closer look at our awesome auto-flower seeds.

New To Cannabis Smoking? Consider These “Gateway Strains”

Just because a cannabis strain is easy to grow doesn’t mean it’s well-suited for beginner tokers. When you’re shopping for your first batch of marijuana seeds in Michigan, you need to weigh the growth difficulty against the strain’s effects. Make no mistake about it: there are plenty of auto-flower strains that could knock your socks off if you’re not prepared.

There have been many cases of beginner cannabis smokers taking on super strong strains and experiencing uncomfortable side effects.

As a general rule, new cannabis smokers should watch out for strains with THC levels hovering around the 20 percent mark. It’s also a good idea to start with high-CBD strains like Cannatonic or CBD Critical Mass.

For a full list of DutchSeedsShop.com’s high-CBD seeds, be sure to follow this link.

Why Buy From DutchSeedsShop.com?

Founded in 1998, DutchSeedsShop.com has cemented its reputation as one of the Web’s most reliable seed banks. To date, we’ve successfully sent over 15,000 packages to cannabis cultivators all around the world, including the Great Lakes State. Our ever-expanding seeds portfolio now includes more than 200 cannabis strains, all of which have an astonishing 87 percent germination rate. As a bonus, DutchSeedsShop.com will send six free cannabis seeds on any order over $100.

If it’s your first time ordering marijuana seeds in Michigan, DutchSeedsShop.com is here to help. Please reach out to our Customer Service department for more info on buying cannabis seeds from our website.

Cannabis seeds are sold to customers over the age of 21 and are sold strictly for souvenirs or storage purposes only. The cultivation and germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. We advise customers to check the laws in their country before ordering.

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