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Strain Review: Melonade by SF Cultivators

New Review time! #melonade by @sfcultivators ?? #Yee ? SF Cultivators Melonade –

Indica or Sativa: Sativa dominant Hybrid

Melonade Strain Review

Comments: Usually steering away from Sativa types as the super citrus can be off putting but this is smooth. Mouth watering Watermelon OG x Lemon Tree leaves my head trippin for a hot one.

1. Scent: Blasting of citrus. Strong lemon scent, hits of sour tangerine. Almost like OG orange cough syrup from the mid 80s.

2. Appearance: Varying hues of green with orange wrapped hairs. Hard to believe the purple spots and green buds are producing this scent.

3. Nug Structure: Broke down with ease without a grinder. Smaller lil nuglets they retained a nice structure; no dust here. Not overly sticky but hands did smell like lemon/orange.

4. Smoke: Light on the nose tingles when using the bubbler. The exhale has a nice aroma that starts immediately filling the mouth with saliva.

5. Taste: Sweet citrus and a little pepper front on the tongue. I get a little bit of that Watermelon OG Kush action but the fruit flavor over powered the spices.

6. Reaction: This is a split house when it comes to citrusy terps and heady Sativa strains. Often times I’ve brought home a Sativa hybrid and my lady usually isnt fan due to the flavor/reactions, but she said this was decent and smoked it with me a few times. Good for mornings with a cup of coffee, don’t smoke before bed tho. ?

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