medi haze strain

Medi haze strain

Taste like dry leaves on exhale. Does help with pain

Clear headed and focused effects dominate in this strain. Great for loosing tight muscles without sedation. Promotes natural and gradual relaxation. In an additional note: Next day you wake up with energy. 0 grogginess.

CBD strains with Balanced THC do get me high and relieve all of the above and more. They is available in vape pens too and they can’t smell either. Though people looking to party will probably not choose this at their first choice unless it is their first time out 🙂 Then I would use it cause the CBD may help to navigate the negative symptoms.

I never write reviews however after trying this I have to say it’s the best I’ve tried for pain yet and I’ve tried quite a few.

Does not fell like anything, this weed will not get you high. Purchase for pain no effect.

🤗🌲 MediHaze is the ULTIMATE wake & bake strain! I didn’t know what to expect so I made sure it was a strain I tried with a freshly rested mind. The smell and taste was very spicy and earthy. honestly kind of reminds me of the old school pretendo that used to float around. The high is fantatsic. There needs to be more CBD in strains because for such a low percentage of THC (4.76%), MediHaze has a wonderful high and it is very euphoric and energetic with 8.38% CBD!. Also relieves all sorts of pains and stress! What an awesome strain. Deep Roots Harvest did a fine job! b-Myrcene: 3.14 mg/g, a-Pinene: 0.63 mg/g, Ocimine (a/b): 0.58 mg/g, b-Pinene: 0.13 mg/g, Guaiol: 0.12 mg/g.

MediHaze is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created as a three way cross between the insanely popular Super Silver Haze X Neville's Haze X unknown high CBD strain. This bud was bred specifically to capture a CBD level that is twice as high as its THC level – MediHaze boas…