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Chronic Fatigue

pain killer x purple pain killer – 2 of bc’s best cuts in an awesome blend and trophy goodness.

Indoor flowering 60 days


Conkushion x (skunk#1 x purple thai) – best for mygraines and body pain

Indoor flowering 9 weeks

Pain Killer

Langley kush #1 – Afghanica – very lemon x fuel, but not as sharp as an OG Kush. Shorter, smaller plants, but very powerful effect in the body for pain. Euphoric, a true hashplant with not much stretch, a bit slow to veg compared to my other Afghanicas. Coated in thick, tall standing trichomes. This one took first at a medical patient depo cup on Vancouver island from my f-1 stock in 2012. a very heavy and strong pain killer. makes up 50% of my purple pain killer.

Indoor flowering 60-70 days

Purple Cannax regular

A 3 way hybrid of Rock Star Kush, Purple Kush and med-man Masterkush

Indoor flowering 8 1/2 weeks

Rock Band regular

rock-star kush x med-mans head-band – 2 more winners in this union. the rock-stqr will add aroma, taste and body to the white covered massive yielding hea-band.

Indoor flowering 65-70 days.

Sour Rock Band regular

Rock-star kush x (west coast sour diesel x med-mans head-band)
aka super sour diesel. massive fuel, massive thc, yield and effect.
3 winners in 1.

Indoor flowering 65-70 days.

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