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everything went great

everything went great, easy payment, stealth shipping, great product, A pleasure doing business with.

The package arrived allot faster then i expected. 10 out of the ten i ordered sprouted and so far doing fine. Excellent company and very much in integrity.

The package arrived allot faster then i thoyght and 9 out of the ten beans

Package came in gast time with a great…

Package came in good time with a great beanie in it!


Delivery was pretty quick and the stealth packaging was cool = Thanks for the souvenir ! (Don’t wanna put the company out there & say what it was?) Seeds look fine. Didn’t plant yet, was buying in preparation but will let you know results with pics when the time comes.

Have been using you guys for years

Have been using you guys for years. Always get what I order and always rather quickly. Stealth shipping always comes thru. too. Rarely have any disappointment with the seeds. Thanks, Randall

Large selection and they accept debit…

Large selection and they accept debit cards. Made several purchases everything as described or better, some of my freebies have been great! Fast, secure delivery gets to USA in under 2 weeks.

Thank You. I always love your seeds

Thank You. I always love your seeds, I receive them quickly and secure. The free seeds are a very pleasant perc. Thank you again

Everything worked fine

Everything worked fine! Congratulations.

I have not received the seeds.

Hello there

Hello there
Yes I taken all seeds at low price 30 seeds for an amount of 35 euros or so ,very good.
Can be that I am not so good like green inch but for all of these only 7 are growing by the way I am enough satisfied
For the quality is still so early for say something I ll tell you something next summer thank you!

I never received them so it’s hard to…

I never received them so it’s hard to rate something you didn’t get!

Order came through in a week,havn’t…

Order came through in a week,havn’t planted yet but free seeds with order. Great web site the whole process went very smoothly.You gotta love it

Exceptional quality and service!

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Review of

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I researched all my options before…

I researched all my options before deciding to place my order with MSNL. I chose MSNL because they offered bulk orderS. well if you find yourself in the same research as I am. do not order from this company . I placed my order with the discount code DONTGO10 to get the discount. my total 1174.00 but with the code it went to 1056.62 . great deal right?
Not so fast. my payment was declined ..I was then instructed to work with my bank to allow the card to go through. did that. go back to resubmit my order to find it was cancelled by msnl. so I re did the order to get my order placed. well I lost the 117.38 discount. I went ahead and placed the order for the undiscounted total of 1174.00 because I needed the order on it’s way to me. the company processed my card payment and withdrawed from my account. it was a total of 1,222.50 ..right before that transaction I got a 12.23 international change to my account. well that’s lovely . I needed the seeds so ..ok I’ll be ok with that right. I then receive an email from MSNL stating my order can’t be filled because it’s to big. cancelled by MSNL..ok!! Now I’m expecting a refund I call my bank . nope no refund credit ..this went on for days . . so I email MSNL they blame it on the bank they use to receive payments. and to give it 3 business days . then they say give it 7 . I do this and nothing is refunded. now they tell me they refunded my money to my account. pure lie . I have requested my refund for weeks now. they tell me in emails that they will check with their bank and let me know something. I’m still waiting . no refund. Dave in customer service at MSNL tells me if I dont see the refund to do a charge back to their bank from mine. I thought ok. I contact my bank to ask about doing this. and was told it’s a international scam insurance request ..which leaves me to cancel my card and go through the whole hassel that associates with that mess. I’m not happy with this whole experience. to say the least. and I will try to save anyone who is looking to order from this company ..the hassel I’m facing. I have tried to get this issue resolved with them.. with no luck. I’m out 1,222.50 plus the 12.23 . and no product. i went back to the site to check the status of my order . and it states refunded in the column and it is not . i feel that it was a scam from the start. where on the site does it state minimum order or max order. it says place a order. this is a nightmare. buyers beware.

This is my first review that was removed by msnl. it is now February 3rd 2021 and I still dont have my refund back into my account. Dave from customer service at msnl will not respond to my emails. I will continue to do everything I can to warn others of my experience with this company. I was robbed and not gonna be silent about it. trustpilot is looking into it and suppose to get back with me. but an automative service email does not ease my frustrations . very unhappy victim of msnl . bob

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