Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds of all types, sativas, indica, ruderalis, and hybrids, in regular or 100% Fem format, fashionable genetics at a low price Buy the best feminized cannabis seeds from the Kannabia collection varieties online. Save effort and avoid surprises.

Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds are the basis of everything, the most important factor of any crop, and before deciding which ones to germinate it is important to take into account a series of details that can mark the final quality of your harvest. In this category you will find the best selection of commercial marijuana seeds of all types, banks, and available formats, as well as a lot of information so that your choice is the best one.

What are marijuana seeds?

They are the means of sexual reproduction that cannabis plants have , and are produced after the fertile pollen of a male marijuana plant reaches the receptive flowers of another female marijuana plant.

Thousands of seeds can come out of a marijuana plant, depending on the amount of pollen that reaches it, how fertile it is, the time of flowering at which it is pollinated, its genetics, or the general health of the recipient female. .

What is the marijuana seed like?

Marijuana seeds are a kind of small dried fruit, between 3 and 4 mm long and 1.5 to 2 mm wide , with an oval or round shape , and can be light or dark in color depending on their genetics. and ripening point, although they usually have a light-colored background and dark mottling .

Inside they contain a germ in a dormant state, waiting for the ideal conditions to germinate, and when the time comes the seed will open and emerge to form a new plant life.

How to germinate marijuana seeds?

The first challenge that we encounter when we start growing cannabis is the germination of marijuana seeds , but fear not, there are different very effective techniques that facilitate this process to the maximum. For the seed to germinate, it is necessary to have the ideal conditions of humidity and heat , and that can be achieved with different germination methods, and you can choose the one you think is convenient.

The oldest way to germinate marijuana seeds is directly in the ground , that is, introduce the seed under a layer of fertile soil, water, and wait for the plant to sprout. Another widely used method is placing the seeds between damp napkins , and once the root appears, they are sown in the chosen growing medium. Many people use Jiffys to germinate marijuana seeds, as they facilitate subsequent transplantation to a great extent. But there are many other germination methods, and if you want to see them all in detail, I invite you to read an article on our blog that talks about the best ways to germinate marijuana seeds.

How long does it take for a marijuana seed to germinate?

Normally between 1 day and 1 week , but it depends on genetics, the time that the seed has, its state of conservation, and especially the germination method. There are seeds that due to their genetics are larger than others, and these tend to create a harder crust, which needs more time to hydrate.

The seeds collected during the last season germinate earlier than those that have more time , as long as they are all well preserved. Temperature and humidity conditions can also speed up or slow down the germination process, especially the cold that slows down this step a lot.

What are marijuana seeds for?

Surely the first answer that comes to mind is to grow more marijuana, and yes the main reason is that, but not the only one, so I am going to show you below the different uses that are given to marijuana seeds :

  1. To plant : More than 100 million commercial and bulk marijuana seeds for cultivation are sold worldwide each year. The main large-scale markets are Morocco, Albania, Paraguay, USA, or India, but many of these seeds are grown in small spaces for self-consumption.
  2. To eat : Marijuana seeds are a superfood, they contain more Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids by weight than any other food, and in some countries like China they are the basis of their nutrition. Eating marijuana seeds is a pleasure and very nutritious, and the proteins they contain are increasingly present in more supplements and diets, if you want to know why I recommend you read this article that talks about the properties of these seeds .
  3. For cosmetics : A few years ago came the boom in cosmetics with cannabis, and it is that seed oil has proven to be one of the best natural moisturizers for the skin. It is also a powerful antioxidant thanks to phenolic acid and vitamin E, making it ideal for fighting free radicals.
  4. For collecting : There are cannabis genetics distributed all over the world, each with its own characteristics, such as its morphology, aroma, and above all its effect. There are collectors who keep marijuana seeds of pure varieties, others who keep seeds of the most delicious plants they have found, and there are also those who keep all the seeds that they can think about the properties of cannabinoids that have not yet been discovered, since they can be the cure for many diseases of the future.

Types of marijuana seeds

Marijuana seeds are classified into different categories, which depend on the type of seed format . Below you can see the most common types or classes of seeds, with a brief explanation of each one so that you can compare the differences:

    : They descend from the Ruderalis subspecies, and are named for their ability to flower spontaneously, without taking into account the time of light and darkness as occurs with photodependent ones. Autoflowering marijuana seeds can be male, female, or hermaphroditic, and they can also be rich in THC, CBD, or even other cannabinoids.
  • Photodependent seeds : They are the same as always, the only ones that were available before the arrival of autoflowering. These plants rely on the photoperiod to grow or flourish, and can come out female, male, or hermaphrodite, as well as being rich in THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids.
    : They are the normal ones because it is the natural format, and from them both female and male marijuana plants can come out. Within the regular ones there may be photodependent or autoflowering, since the term regular only refers to the sex of the plants. : Right now they are the best sellers, since they save time, work, and money. Feminized marijuana seeds can only be produced by females, although this is not always the case. There may be feminized photodependent, autoflowering, and rich in different cannabinoids.
  • Fast-floweringphotodependent seeds : Also called “Fast”, “Early” or “Quick” seeds, they are a type of marijuana seeds that make growing even easier, since they are the fastest-flowering among the photodependent varieties. They can be regular, feminized, and rich in different cannabinoids. : For some years now, we have seen some new marijuana seed formats increase in popularity, and of all of them, marijuana seeds rich in cannabidiol take the cake. They are the most medicinal, there are different ratios between THC and CBD, and the best thing is that they can be regular, feminized, autoflowering, or even fast-flowering photo-dependent.
  • Seeds rich in other cannabinoids : The latest trend in marijuana seeds, after the great success of varieties rich in CBD, seeds rich in CBG, THCV, and CBDV arrive. These minority cannabinoids are showing new medicinal applications, and although they have not yet reached the popularity of cannabidiol, more and more banks are incorporating them in their catalogs. Soon we will have seeds rich in CBN, CBC, and other less seen cannabinoids. seeds: Bulk marijuana seeds can be any of the above types, and they differ from the others because they are sold in large quantities and without packaging or trademark. They are the cheapest seeds, and in recent years they have become one of the most demanded.
  • Seeds of pure varieties or Landraces : Pure varieties of marijuana, also called landraces, are those that are kept without mixing with other species, that is, they have never been hybridized. There are pure sativa marijuana seeds from Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, or Malawi, among others, just as there are pure indica seeds from India, Pakistan, or Afghanistan for example. There may also be autoflowering landraces, such as those found in Hungary, Bulgaria, and some areas of Russia. seeds: Hemp seeds can be considered non-psychoactive marijuana seeds, that is, they do not produce psychotropic effects. Among the varieties of industrial hemp there are some rich in CBD such as Carmagnola or Kompolty, and others that contain CBG, such as Shantica, both cannabinoids with medicinal properties, and for these reasons they have been revalued in recent years.
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The best marijuana seeds for indoor growing

Although in principle all genetics can be grown indoors and outdoors, there are a number of aspects of indoor cultivation that must be taken into account before choosing seeds. Ideally, they should be short-flowering varieties, controllable size, and if they may not smell much , that way we avoid height and odor problems, and the earlier they bloom, the less chance of pests, fungi, and other problems we will have. . In the following list you can see some of the best marijuana seeds for indoor cultivation on the current market:

    : It was the first hybrid specially created for indoor cultivation. With a very compact structure, short flowering period, resistant to stress, and super easy to grow, today they are still the best for many. : The most cultivated indoor marijuana seeds in all of Europe, and it is not by chance, since they combine speed, high yield, great resistance, and an unparalleled organoleptic quality. : This Afghan-based polyhybrid is perfect for indoor growing, as it stays at a very controllable height, produces very well, blooms fast, and also has a premium flavor and effect.

Outdoor marijuana seeds

First of all, it must be clear that an outdoor crop in northern latitudes such as Germany or Canada is not the same as an outdoor crop in Mexico or the Canary Islands. In the same way that it is not the same to cultivate on a terrace than in a garden, or in guerrillas. However, there are some marijuana seeds that are ideal for outdoor use due to their morphological characteristics or their flowering period, and from our point of view these are the best:

    : The quintessential sativa, bred in the hills of California and refined in greenhouses in Holland and Switzerland, now in a fast-maturing feminized version for easy cultivation. It tends to grow too much, so it is recommended to grow it outdoors, where it can withstand cold and rain very well. : Polyhybrid with a strong sativa influence, its great vigor gives it an impressive growth rate, especially in outdoor crops with a lot of sun exposure. Its intense flavor, together with the quality and power of its effect, have made it one of the favorite marijuana seeds for many smokers. : A classic that never goes out of style, a generation’s favorite pure sativa, and one of the most special effects you can find in cannabis. Although it can be grown indoors with a continuous 12/12 photoperiod from seed, it is outdoors where it shows all its potential.

Fast outdoor marijuana seeds

But if sativas aren’t your thing, or for whatever reason you prefer fast-flowering varieties, there are a few early-maturing marijuana seeds that are ideal for growing outdoors , here you can see them:

    : They say it is the best cannabis hybrid created to date, sculpted over many generations to achieve almost perfect genetics. The fastest phenotypes finish before the arrival of autumn, it produces buds like arms, it has a powerful effect, and it has a very intense flavor and aroma. : These marijuana seeds are perfect for lovers of the indica effect who prefer growing outdoors. Its maturation phase, in addition to being fast, is a visual spectacle, with truly hypnotic hues and color contrasts. The taste is authentic gourmet, and its effect is very medicinal. : If Green Poison was already fast, its Fast version is even faster, and it maintains all the traits that made it famous, such as its delicious flavor or great performance. As if all that were not enough, it is also very easy to grow, and adapts perfectly to any medium.
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In order to be able to advise you on which are the best varieties of marijuana for outdoor cultivation , it is important to know the climate in your area, since I could not recommend the same genetics if you are going to buy seeds to grow cannabis in Northern Europe or North America or the South.

For this reason we have created a guide of suggestions of the best marijuana seeds to grow in according to which region, based on the weather conditions of each area of both continents. I invite you to know the most suitable seeds to grow in the following destinations:

How to plant marijuana seeds?

If you want to know how to take care of a marijuana seed outdoors it is very easy, since you only have to wait for spring to germinate the seed, plant it in a pot with specific soil for cannabis, put it in a very sunny place, water when touch, and use fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides from time to time.

Now, if you want to know how to sow marijuana seeds at home in indoor cultivation, I recommend that you visit our blog and read some entries, starting with our marijuana growing guide , and continuing with this article of the most important tips to have into account in indoor crops . This way you will be able to see how a marijuana seed is planted from start to finish, and you will learn techniques and tricks to improve production and quality.

Free marijuana seeds How to get seeds easily?

Getting free marijuana seeds is as easy as placing a female cannabis plant near a male marijuana plant when both are in the flowering phase. In this way you will get regular seeds , from which both males and females will come out, and will be similar to their parents.

If you want to know how to get feminized marijuana seeds , I recommend that you read an article on our blog called ” How to make feminized seeds ” that explains it in detail, because this process involves more time and care than creating regular seeds.

In the case of wanting to get free autoflowering marijuana seeds , the best thing you can do is to cross 2 varieties of automatic flowering. But if you want all cars to be female, you will have to combine the process to make feminized seeds with autoflowering genetics.

How do you know if a marijuana seed works?

Viable seeds are those that mature and form correctly inside the female buds. Some seeds do not finish developing completely, and are immature, so they are not useful for cultivation. There are other seeds that for one reason or another end up poorly formed, some end with a flat end, others remain hollow, and some even stick together as if they were Siamese.

The marijuana seeds used for growing are those that are fully mature, solid, and usually end with a dark or mottled wrapper . It must be said that some seeds may be light in color due to their genetics, but in most cases they will be dark or mottled.

There are several ways to check if a seed works, although none are 100% foolproof. If we exert slight pressure with our fingers and it is squashed, it usually means that it was a hollow seed, that is, that inside it did not contain any germ, so it had never germinated. Another way to know this is by putting the seed in a glass of water, the good ones will sink the moment they hydrate , but the bad ones will continue to float to the surface.

How long does a marijuana seed last?

As long as it is in good condition it can last up to 5 years or more without losing viability . Normally they are not usually stored that long, seed banks usually calculate the necessary production to cover sales of 2 or 3 years at most, but many times the seeds of the most sold varieties are exhausted year after year.

But everything depends on the state of conservation and storage of the seeds, because those that are in poor condition can lose germination power in a very short time, but if they are kept under the right conditions, marijuana seeds can be viable even 10 years after their storage.

How to preserve marijuana seeds?

It depends on how long you want to keep them, because if you plan to germinate them over the next 2 or 3 seasons, the ideal is to keep the seeds in an airtight container in the fridge . In an environment with low humidity and temperature (below 20% relative humidity and between 4º and 8º C.), they hold up perfectly for up to 5 years.

But if you want to keep the marijuana seeds for longer, a good option is to freeze them with the minimum of humidity . To do this, you can put the seeds in a zip bag with silica gel or rice, and store the bag in another airtight container that also has some silica to make sure that the humidity does not rise.

If you want to delve into this topic, I recommend you read an article on our blog called ” Preserving marijuana seeds “, where we explain in detail all the steps you have to follow so that your seeds remain in perfect condition for a long time.

Do marijuana seeds expire?

They do not expire as such, but they do lose germination power and general vigor as time goes by, especially when they are not kept under ideal conditions. Sometimes we see seeds germinate with very little force, and later these plants lack vigor, show malformations, are vulnerable to pests and diseases, or directly their growth is so slow that it is not worth cultivating them. This can be a specific genetic defect, but it can also be due to poor seed preservation.

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Commercial marijuana seeds do not have to expire, as long as they are properly maintained. There are some seed banks that indicate the date of collection or packaging of the seeds in the same container, and it is very rare to find lots that are more than 3 years old, so they are fully viable seeds in most cases.

Where do you sell marijuana seeds? Price of marijuana seeds online

Until 3 or 4 decades ago, the only way to get marijuana seeds was through the ones that came out in the buds we grow, or to bring them from one of the producing countries. Then the seed banks appeared and later the grow shops , and everything was greatly facilitated.

At present they sell marijuana seeds in many different places, but the vast majority of people buy their seeds in online grow shops , for convenience and savings. The price of marijuana seeds varies significantly depending on the format, genetics, their originality, the production process, and the brand or bank that sells them.

Right now you can find seeds in bulk from 1 euro or even less, but buying in large quantities. The prices of most commercial marijuana seeds range between € 5 and € 10 / unit . Lately we are seeing how seeds appear with exorbitant prices, which even exceed € 50 / unit in some cases, but they are genetics with a lot of hype or minority cannabinoids that are a novelty.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds?

Marijuana seeds do not contain THC, so the import, possession and trafficking of cannabis seeds are exempt from the regulation of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs held in Vienna in 1961 , which expressly excludes the seeds of the cannabis plant from the list. of narcotic substances under international control.

In most western countries it is legal to buy marijuana seeds , but there are still some states that do not allow it, so we advise that each one inform themselves of the internal laws of their state before buying the seeds.

Sale of cheap marijuana seeds online

Pevgrow is an online grow shop specialized in the sale of cannabis seeds of all types , and in this same category you will find the most complete selection at the most competitive prices. Use our marijuana seed search engine to filter based on your interests, and that way it will be easier to find what you are looking for.

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