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It will be legal to grow up to four marijuana plants in your home when Virginia's marijuana laws change on July 1, 2021. Get the best in quality cannabis seeds in Virginia here, cannabis cup winner Mosca delivers the finest weed seeds online for healthy, potent pot plants. Virginia Law Table of Contents » Title 18.2. Crimes and Offenses Generally » Chapter 7. Crimes Involving Health and Safety » Article 1. Drugs » § 18.2-247. Use of terms “controlled substances,”

Group plans to hand out free seeds to new marijuana growers in Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. — It will be legal to grow up to four marijuana plants in your home when Virginia’s marijuana laws change on July 1, 2021.

However, it will remain illegal to buy or sell marijuana seeds from which to grow the plants.

To get seeds into the hands of people interested in growing plants, the Virginia Marijuana Justice (VAMJ) is giving away thousands of cannabis seeds at spots around Virginia.

“We have seen first-hand the smiles and gratitude that a free seed giveaway brings to first-time growers, and it’s pretty special,” Adam Eidinger, co-founder of DCMJ, said in a statement. “However, we also know from our experience that so many people do not realize that they can grow cannabis at home legally. Some people didn’t know about the new law, as it pertains to home cultivation, until our volunteers handed them a free packet of seeds. So there is a significant educational component to our giveaways.”

The July 1 seed giveaway is scheduled in the following locations:

CBD Store
3442 Lauderdale Drive
Henrico County, Va.

Near Rosslyn Metro
1850 N. Moore Street
Arlington, Va.

Private property
Charlottesville, Va.

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Virginia is rich in American history and continues to make history as the first state in the south to legalize recreational cannabis for adults in April of 2021, taking effect July 1, 2021. You can get high-quality cannabis seeds in Virginia, a state that is shaped by the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west, Chesapeake Bay on the east coast and is bordered by five states and the District of Columbia. You can have plenty of good hikes and enjoy the wilderness in Virginia as Shenandoah National Park extends along the Blue Ridge Mountains and at least 62% of the state is covered in forests.

Both the American Revolution and the Civil War ended in Virginia, which is the location of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Arlington National Cemetery. Virginia is home to the Pentagon, the largest office building in the world. You can visit some of the most monumental American History sites in Virginia, hike the beautiful mountains or enjoy some of the best seafood on the east coast.

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Now that adults can grow, possess, and consume recreational marijuana, it might make those famous Virginia oysters taste even better or enhance other sizzling seafood dishes as the largest seafood producer on the East Coast and the third largest in the U.S..

Is Marijuana Legal in Virginia?

Virginia has had a medical cannabis program since July 1, 2020 for those registered to participate. Prior to this, only medical CBD was legal for use to treat conditions like severe epilepsy, glaucoma or to easy chemotherapy affects. With the most recent passing of Senate Bill 1406 and House Bill 2312 in April 2021, Virginia became the fourth state to legalize marijuana through legislative action.

Retail sales of adult use marijuana is not slated to take effect until July 1st, 2024, to give lawmakers time to establish the framework for regulating and overseeing cannabis cultivation, distribution, and retail sales. This recent legislation also addresses issues such as social equity, race, and enforcement of cannabis laws.

Advocates for marijuana legalization in Virginia, however, pushed through amendments to make the possession of small amounts legal as of July 1, 2021. Adults 21 and older can legally possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana as long as it is not used in public, while driving or distributed.

Cultivating Cannabis Seeds in Virginia

The recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Virginia also allows residents to cultivate cannabis seeds and home grow up to four plants per household legally, this also takes effect July 1, 2021. Growing your own pot in Virginia requires that you keep the plants out of accessible range to minors under the age of 21 and out of sight from the public view. Since retail sales in the state will not begin until 2024, growing your own cannabis at home in Virginia is the perfect way to enjoy this healing plant.

Whether you choose to grow your personal cannabis garden indoors or outdoors, high quality marijuana plants begin with high quality marijuana seeds. Mosca Seeds offers the highest in quality weed seeds online with a wide variety of indica, sativa or hybrid blends to get the perfect combination of pain relief and relaxation. Choose from regular cannabis seeds, feminized or auto flowering seeds. Feminized pot seeds save you the trouble of weeding out the males and auto flowers switch to the flowering stage regardless of light cycle. Both are good if you are new to home growing, although all Mosca Seeds are cultivated with the finest in cannabis seed genetics.

Mosca seeds is recognized internationally as a leading cannabis seed breeder with several international cannabis cup winning strains. We keep your favorite marijuana seed strains alive and regularly cultivate new and amazing weed seed types for your enjoyment and amazement. Check out the Seed Bazaar to see how easy it is to get the best in quality cannabis seeds in Virginia.

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Virginia Law

Table of Contents » Title 18.2. Crimes and Offenses Generally » Chapter 7. Crimes Involving Health and Safety » Article 1. Drugs » § 18.2-247. Use of terms “controlled substances,” “marijuana,” “Schedules I, II, III, IV, V, and VI,” “imitation controlled substance” and “counterfeit controlled substance” in Title 18.2

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Code of Virginia
Title 18.2. Crimes and Offenses Generally
Chapter 7. Crimes Involving Health and Safety

§ 18.2-247. Use of terms “controlled substances,” “marijuana,” “Schedules I, II, III, IV, V, and VI,” “imitation controlled substance” and “counterfeit controlled substance” in Title 18.2.

A. Wherever the terms “controlled substances” and “Schedules I, II, III, IV, V, and VI” are used in Title 18.2, such terms refer to those terms as they are used or defined in the Drug Control Act (§ 54.1-3400 et seq.).

B. The term “imitation controlled substance” when used in this article means (i) a counterfeit controlled substance or (ii) a pill, capsule, tablet, or substance in any form whatsoever which is not a controlled substance subject to abuse, and:

1. Which by overall dosage unit appearance, including color, shape, size, marking and packaging or by representations made, would cause the likelihood that such a pill, capsule, tablet, or substance in any other form whatsoever will be mistaken for a controlled substance unless such substance was introduced into commerce prior to the initial introduction into commerce of the controlled substance which it is alleged to imitate; or

2. Which by express or implied representations purports to act like a controlled substance as a stimulant or depressant of the central nervous system and which is not commonly used or recognized for use in that particular formulation for any purpose other than for such stimulant or depressant effect, unless marketed, promoted, or sold as permitted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

C. In determining whether a pill, capsule, tablet, or substance in any other form whatsoever, is an “imitation controlled substance,” there shall be considered, in addition to all other relevant factors, comparisons with accepted methods of marketing for legitimate nonprescription drugs for medicinal purposes rather than for drug abuse or any similar nonmedicinal use, including consideration of the packaging of the drug and its appearance in overall finished dosage form, promotional materials or representations, oral or written, concerning the drug, and the methods of distribution of the drug and where and how it is sold to the public.

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D. The term “marijuana” when used in this article means any part of a plant of the genus Cannabis, whether growing or not, its seeds or resin; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of such plant, its seeds, its resin, or any extract containing one or more cannabinoids. Marijuana does not include the mature stalks of such plant, fiber produced from such stalk, oil or cake made from the seed of such plant, unless such stalks, fiber, oil or cake is combined with other parts of plants of the genus Cannabis. Marijuana does not include (i) industrial hemp, as defined in § 3.2-4112, that is possessed by a person registered pursuant to subsection A of § 3.2-4115 or his agent; (ii) industrial hemp, as defined in § 3.2-4112, that is possessed by a person who holds a hemp producer license issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture pursuant to 7 C.F.R. Part 990; or (iii) a hemp product, as defined in § 3.2-4112, containing a tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of no greater than 0.3 percent that is derived from industrial hemp, as defined in § 3.2-4112, that is grown, dealt, or processed in compliance with state or federal law.

E. The term “counterfeit controlled substance” means a controlled substance that, without authorization, bears, is packaged in a container or wrapper that bears, or is otherwise labeled to bear, the trademark, trade name, or other identifying mark, imprint or device or any likeness thereof, of a drug manufacturer, processor, packer, or distributor other than the manufacturer, processor, packer, or distributor who did in fact so manufacture, process, pack or distribute such drug.

F. The Department of Forensic Science shall determine the proper methods for detecting the concentration of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in substances for the purposes of this title and §§ 54.1-3401 and 54.1-3446. The testing methodology shall use post-decarboxylation testing or other equivalent method and shall consider the potential conversion of delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol acid (THC-A) into THC. The test result shall include the total available THC derived from the sum of the THC and THC-A content.

1975, cc. 14, 15; 1979, c. 435; 1982, c. 462; 1984, c. 684; 1992, c. 756; 1999, cc. 661, 722; 2004, c. 688; 2019, cc. 653, 654; 2020, cc. 831, 1285, 1286; 2021, Sp. Sess. I, c. 110.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.