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We are an online marijuana seed shop from Valencia. Since 2010 you are able to buy cannabis seeds from over in the world on our website.

Find out here about our at a preferential price! By the way, our supports you in your targeted search!

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Our Bestsellers

feminized marijuana seeds

Solely female plants grow from feminized cannabis seeds.

We guarantee that you will only receive female plants that produce wonderfully resinous buds and match all your expectations.

Buy feminized cannabis seeds from Linda Seeds | Linda Semilla!

autoflowering cannabis seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are easy to cultivate and produce top results – either outdoors or under exposure to artificial light.

Even novices will be able to harvest beautiful buds with autoflowering seeds.

Simply order our autoflowering cannabis seeds online!

regular cannabis seeds

Regular cannabis seeds produce equal parts of female and male cannabis plants.

This allows you to either create your own crosses or simply select a particularly beautiful phenotype. Often you get distinctive top plants!

Your cannabis seed store for regular seeds!

medical CBD cannabis seeds

Medical CBD cannabis seeds grow plants with particularly high CBD content. This provides a calming effect without too strong THC buzz. We have the right CBD seeds for you in any case.

Order your CBD cannabis seeds for your medical pruposes in our online store!

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special offers cannabis seeds


With our Seedfinder the quest has come to an end. Here you can quickly and reliably find the right marijuana seeds for your needs. From thousands of strains you are guaranteed to find the perfect cannabis seed with the right and relevant characteristics for you.

Cannabis seeds breeder

Linda Seeds

For more than a decade, Linda-Seeds has strived to offer you the best marijuana seeds. And this both in terms of the selection as well as the quality and freshness of our cannabis seeds. Not only do we want to present you the whole range of new breeds, and offer you the most successful classics of the most popular weed varieties, but we also want to make sure that ideally 100% of the marijuana seeds we offer germinate successfully!

Your success is our mission

Your harvest success is our motivation, because we know about the concerns and possible negative experiences you might have from our own practice as a grower. It has always been and remains our goal to be the best source of supply for you for successful cannabis cultivation. Quality, price, advice as well as fast, anonymous and discrete delivery are the parameters we are constantly striving to optimize for you.

Buy cannabis seeds at Linda-Seeds – your trust pays off for you

With your support, we have earned great trust from our customers as well as from our suppliers and can now rely on the very good cooperation with well over 80 of the most popular cannabis seed breeders worldwide. Thanks to the good relations we have the opportunity to achieve very competitive prices, which we pass on directly to you. With Linda-Seeds you should not only have fun with the cultivation of the plants and the harvest, but also gain a monetary advantage when you buy cannabis seeds from us!

Selection of cannabis strains

In our well-assorted range of over 2,500 cannabis seed varieties, you will find regular and feminised cannabis seeds as well as modern self-flowering varieties (autoflowering) for outdoor or indoor cultivation.

Buy regular marijuana seed strains

If you order regular seeds, you will usually get about 50% male and 50% female plants, which corresponds to the natural genetics of the plants.

Buy feminized marijuana seed strains

Female cannabis seeds are special cannabis seed varieties that do not contain male chromosomes, which led to the great success of feminised cannabis seeds, as the THC content of female flowers is many times higher.

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Buy autoflowering marijuana seed strains

Autoflowering cannabis seeds, i.e. self-flowering varieties, are especially exciting for less experienced growers. They are easy to handle thanks to the Ruderalis factor. Autoflowering cannabis seeds flower independently of light and temperature fluctuations and follow a fixed time interval. If you want to buy cannabis seeds that forgive your own mistakes, then you are well served with self-flowering plants. Although their yield is less high, you get a plant that is more resistant to cold, infections and pests.

Cannabis seed type

Cannabis plants can basically be divided into 2 genera. These are described as Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that there is also the Cannabis Ruderalis, although it is still disputed among botanists whether this is really an independent subspecies of the genus cannabis.

Indica-Cannabis seed

The real origins of Sativa and Indica are still not clearly defined. The common theory is that Indicas come from higher altitudes where the air is thin and water sparse. This is why their characteristics can be described as short and stocky, with shorter and thicker leaves that store water better. Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Turkey are typical areas of origin. The plants have adapted to the often harsh, dry and turbulent climate of the Hindu Kush mountains. Indicas are typically associated with whole body effects, such as increasing deep relaxation and reducing insomnia.

Sativa-Cannabis Seed

The original home of the Sativa seems to have been lush and humid forests. The humid climates have shaped the evolution of the Sativa with correspondingly thinner, long stems and longer, narrow leaves, allowing for better breathing and oxygen uptake in such regions. These include Africa, Central America, South East Asia and the western parts of Asia. Sativas are known for their “head-high”, invigorating and energizing effects that can help reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity and concentration.

Hybrid-Cannabis Seed

Every year, marijuana growers produce new and unique strains from different combinations of parent plants. These cannabis hybrids are often grown to achieve specific effects. They try to cross desired positive characteristics of Sativa and Indica parent plants and combine them in a new cannabis strain.

Of course you can buy all three genera at Linda-Seeds, far more than 2000 different varieties are available. By using our selection search mask, you can buy cannabis seeds specifically and identify the seeds that best match both your preferred growing conditions and your desired effect.

Medical cannabis seeds containing CBD

Medical cannabis seeds are also described as CBD cannabis seed varieties. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance extracted from the cannabis or marijuana plant. As more and more people want to try CBD in order to test whether their complaints such as pain, insomnia or depressive moods can be alleviated with cannabidiol, CBD cannabis seeds are gaining in popularity. Medical cannabis seeds have thus become increasingly important in recent years. Many customers are less concerned about high THC values when they buy cannabis seeds, but health aspects play more and more a central role.

Cannabidiol (CBD) – positive effects on health

Research in cannabis medicine is still in its infancy. The positive properties of Cannabidiol (CBD) are currently being investigated for use in chronic pain, cramps, migraine, arthritis and inflammation of all kinds, in epilepsy and for killing malignant tumour cells. In countries such as Switzerland, the United States or Israel, CBD is now successfully used for many diseases. The active ingredient is known for its calming, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects and more and more people are also seeing the positive aspects of these medicinal cannabis seeds.

Medical seed producers

Quite a number of producers and breeders have meanwhile bred a large variety of corresponding seeds. Breeders like Dinafem, The Cali Connection, Serious Seeds, Sensi Seeds or Dutch Passion already offer such medicinal cannabis seeds. Breeders such as CBD Crew or Medical Marijuana Genetics are even focusing on these cannabis strains, as it has been recognized that CBD also has a positive influence on the effects of THC. Currently there are more than 150 CBD strains available at Linda-Seeds, so you are spoilt for choice when you buy marijuana seeds with CBD genetics from us.

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Why Seedsman?

For the past twenty years, Seedsman has sat at the forefront of cannabis innovation. As the first seedbank to commercialize autoflowering and CBD genetics, we are leading pioneers within the cannabis industry, continuing passionately to share the best in genetics and variety with millions of people. Seedsman cultivates the spirit of cannabis globally by embracing diversity, sharing knowledge, and championing cannabis benefits.

Key facts

  • 20 years in business
  • 350 strains
  • 27 seedbanks

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At Seedsman, we believe that community is everything, because together, we grow stronger. Here’s what our community has to say:

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

We have the highest quality Marijuana Seeds for sale today at The Seed Fair. Our selection consists of more than 500 different strains of Marijuana Seeds that you can choose from. We carry Auto-Flowering Seeds, Feminized Seeds, CBD Seeds, and of course Regular Seeds as well. Everyday we update our selection of Cannabis Seeds to only gather from the best breeders around the world. If you are looking for high quality Marijuana Seeds you have come to the right place! After your order is placed, we make sure your package is shipped the very next day. Our shipping is very fast and discreet to help all customers be able to receive our products. We have 8 locations spread throughout the USA and as well as in Canada. Not only our shipping methods are great but you will also receive Free Marijuana Seeds when you use select methods of payment. Try The Seed Fair today and we will bring the best customer service you can find online!


Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds

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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds

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How Do I Know How To Select The Best Marijuana Seeds

We have a lot of Marijuana Seeds on our website to choose from. So what are the best seeds for you to select? This question always comes down to how experienced you are as a grower. If you are new to growing we always recommend picking Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds. These fast growing and easy to flower seeds are perfect for a beginner as they will flower no matter what you do. Other Marijuana Seeds for Sale to choose from can be Feminized Cannabis Seeds. These seeds are perfect for all growers as they are feminized and will produce amazing buds. We also carry CBD strains and as well Regular Marijuana Seeds. Each of our Marijuana Seeds will have a chart that shows the level of difficulty and as well all the characteristics of that strain. Click on a product below and begin your journey!






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free seeds on your order

Not only do we offer Free Shipping on orders over $99, but you will receive Free Seeds as well.

What Are The Different Marijuana Seeds And How Are They Different

Marijuana Seeds in general are feminized and usually do not produce any remaining seeds. Feminized Seeds are produced to only breed Female plants. These are perfect for growers looking for high yielding buds. We also carry Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds as well that are all Feminized. Auto-Flowering Seeds will flower without much work. They essentially flower automatically hence their name and is perfect for beginner growers. If you are not looking for high THC Marijuana Seeds then CBD seeds are meant for you. CBD Cannabis Seeds do not give you a strong high like many THC plants. CBD are non psychoactive which means they do not affect how the brain works as change your mood like THC strains. The last but not least type of Seed is called a Regular seed. A Regular Marijuana Seed is all natural and it is not a feminized seed. Each section below will go over each of the marijuana seeds for sale.

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Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Marijuana Seeds For Sale are typically the most sought after strain when looking to grow Marijuana. There are so many varieties of Feminized Seeds to choose from. The Seed Fair offers over 500 different strains so that our customers can have a full selection to help with their needs. Feminized Cannabis Seeds are bred to eliminate male chromosomes so that they only produce female plants. Feminized Marijuana Seeds are fast to cultivate a Cannabis Plant. Less work is needed on Feminized plants as there is less work pruning as compared to the male plants. Our Feminized Marijuana Seeds For Sale produce a dense, colorful, and amazing aroma compared to most seed vendors. See our Feminized selection today and take advantage of our hand picked and lab tested Marijuana Seeds.

Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Our Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds are perfect for all growers. Typically beginner growers love to start off with a good Auto-flower strain. Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds will automatically flower during the process without the extra needed work and process. You still need to follow on how to grow these types of Marijuana Seeds, but you have the luck of a green thumb as they will automatically flower for you. Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds will produce high yielding and high rewarding plants without the use of Light Cycles. This means that you don’t have to use a light cycle or changing of lighting in order to have these plants flower. In addition, Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds are also resistant to temperature changes. Whether you are growing outside or inside this is perfect for the grower. They are also resistant to mold and pests, so that will make it much easier to cultivate beautiful lush Marijuana Plants.

CBD Cannabis Seeds

CBD has become very popular among many marijuana seed growers. What is CBD exactly? CBD stands for Cannabidol which is the second most active ingredient in Marijuana compared to THC which is the number #1 active ingredient. CBD is a non psychoactive product that is not meant to get you high but able to help you receive marijuana healing for ailing issues. CBD is great for many different types of medical issues such as migraines, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. There is a huge list of beneficial properties that CBD Marijuana Seeds can help with. So if you are looking for extra treatment without being stoned, CBD is the choice for you. CBD works by blocking receptors in the brain to help combat against many of these ailments. The Seed Fair carry’s the best CBD products from many different breeders across the globe. See our selection of CBD products above under the shop button, and begin exploring a new world of Marijuana Seeds.

Regular Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Our last but not least type of Marijuana Seed is called a Regular Cannabis Seed. Regular Marijuana Seeds are completely natural as they have not been chemically altered or modified in anyway. So essentially they are free from any kind of human tampering. Regular marijuana plants typically produce lower THC rich flowers. Many customers are confused as to why they would buy such a seed. The reason behind a Regular Marijuana Seed is because they are high valued when it comes to breeding. As a result, they are able to produce the best clones when growing marijuana plants. You need Regular seeds in order to breed, you may cross the different breeds, modify and change to how your specifications are. Flavor, height, aroma, you can breed and change anything while using Regular Marijuana Seeds.