marijuana grow tent setup

Grow Tent Setup

An In-depth Essential Guide for Anyone Growing Cannabis

When you see rooms full of healthy cannabis plants that are loaded with abundant flowers, it’s easy to forget the labor involved behind the scenes.

One of the first aspects of having a successful grow is having an optimal grow space. Although many commercial areas convert entire rooms into a growing environment, it’s far more comfortable and less labor intensive to use a grow tent setup.

Your grow tent setup needs to include all the necessary pieces that will facilitate an ideal environment for your cannabis crop.

From the various types of indoor grow tents or grow tent kits available to tips and tricks, read along to learn how you can master the art of indoor marijuana growing.

What is a Grow Room?

Why Opt for a Grow Tent Setup?

Benefits of a Grow Tent

What’s the Best Size for Tent for Your Grow Tent Setup?

What are the Materials Found in Grow Tents?

Can you DIY a Grow Tent Setup?

How to Set Up a Grow Tent

How to Keep Your Grow Tent Sanitized

What Can You Place Inside of a Grow Tent?

How to Setup Fans in a Grow Tent

The Best Way to Set up Grow Tent Ventilation

Growing Methods Within a Grow Tent

Grow Room Lighting

Grow Tent Accessories

Grow Boxes: An Alternative to Grow Tents

What is a Grow Room?

A grow room is any space that’s made available for the sole purpose of cannabis cultivation.

This means that it can be used for flower production, clone propagation, mother maintenance, germination, and breeding.

A grow room can be your bedroom or an unused closet area. Any space can be converted into a grow space, but it’s far more convenient when your grow space is contained and quickly built-up or torn down.

This is why grow tents or grow tent kits have risen in popularity and have become the de-facto method for the cannabis community.

Beginners to professionals utilize these easy-to-use setups, so it’s no wonder that grow tents have become ubiquitous in the last decade.

Although the vast majority of grow tents have predefined spaces, they allow you to customize the interior with all the necessary tools of the trade.

Fans, carbon filters, trays, tubs, hoods, grow lights, and netting can be placed at your discretion.

A given area becomes a growing space once the environment becomes suitable for your cannabis crop. Let’s take a look at what this means, and how you can achieve this.

Why Opt for a Grow Tent Setup?

The primary reason for opting to use a grow tent setup rather than doing an outdoor grow or constructing a room for the sole purpose of cultivation is for convenience.

Nothing trumps the comfort found in quickly deploying the grow tent materials and building it out within an hour.

There’s no drilling required or tasks that require knowledge in carpentry, so it’s ideal for those that don’t have the know-how in construction-related subjects.

Growing cannabis is already tricky in its own right, so streamlining the process by purchasing a grow tent that’s easy to set up is ideal.

Benefits of a Grow Tent

There’s a wide host of advantages in growing cannabis in a grow tent setup.

Here are the most important benefits.


There’s something about keeping your environment contained that facilitates a streamlined operation.

When you use a grow tent setup, you effectively keep in compromising odors, increase the light intensity, as well as manage the temperature with ease.

Even though you may live in a state with legal medicinal or recreational cannabis, there are still dangers associated with letting everyone know that you’re growing.

Many crimes that are committed in the cannabis community are related to plant-theft. So although you’re legally entitled to grow marijuana plants, it’s still best to contain the pungent smell associated with cannabis.

Containment works in two ways: on one end, the grow tent keeps the plants in their own micro-climate. On the other end, the grow tent acts as a barrier to everything outside of the tent.

The external environment carries bacteria, fungi, and pests; and its these issues that are notorious for destroying your grow operation.

Of course, this barrier is only effective if you practice good habits; such as wearing clean clothes that are only used when entering the grow tent.

Marijuana plants require a significant amount of light, and this intense lighting looks like a beacon if visible from the outside. Once again, for security’s sake, the light is contained within the sturdy walls of the grow tent.

In regards to light, the interior of grow tents are lined with reflective mylar. The roof and floor are generally covered in mylar as well, so there’s an additional boost of lumens throughout the entire room when fully contained.

Ease of Construction

This benefit goes in both directions. Grow tents are easy to set up, as well as break down. Sometimes life events occur that require us to suddenly break down our grow tents rapidly.

This may be because a landlord suddenly decides that he or she doesn’t want their tenant to grow cannabis. Another reason could be because you’re moving away on short notice.

The ease of setting up a grow tent is notable, considering you can set up a 10’x10’ grow tent by yourself within an hour.

These contained environments can be ready for plants within the span of 24-hours, so they’re ideal when you’re on a tight schedule.

Additionally, you don’t need to be a carpenter or savvy with tools. Setting up grow tents rarely require tools other than a screwdriver, so you’re less likely to be required to purchase additional tools at a local hardware store.


Unless you’re a commercial grower, there’s little incentive to convert a room into a full-blown grow space.

Building a dedicated grow room takes a considerable amount of time and money, whereas a grow tent is quick to assemble and affordable.

It’s for these reasons that grow tents are cost-effective, and this allows you to spend your saved money on the incoming electricity bill.

Grow tents are by no means cheap, but they are worth the cost in the long run. The average price for a 4’x8’ grow tent will range between $300-400.

The cost of a grow tent will ultimately depend on its overall size or if they include bonus features.

Cannabis cultivation is all about turnaround time, and grow tents get you up and running almost immediately. Each day spent on building a dedicated grow space is a day lost when you consider a strain’s flowering time.

The sooner is always better, but this doesn’t mean that you should cut corners in construction, set up, sanitation, and growth.


Most grow tents are incredibly accessible, which makes them an excellent choice for beginners.

Cramped spaces add an extra element of danger to your plants, so it’s essential that your grow tent offers multiple access points to streamline your day-to-day responsibilities.

Instead, grow tents have multiple entrance points, usually one on each side. Some have even integrated window-like viewing areas that allow you to watch your garden without having to unzip the tent.

Besides entrance points and viewing zones, most grow tents have multiple ports that allow you to position your tent in several ways so that you’re always oriented in an ideal position for cables running from your hoods and other connection points.

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