mandala seeds


Pretty young seed bank Mandala Seeds was founded in 2004 and immediately gained a reputation as a leader in the production of high-quality and unique cannabis seeds.

There are several factors that make Mandala strains perform better: genetics, breeding, adaptation, hybrid vigour.

The company’s founders collected cannabis collection for many years traveling in search of rare, interesting and unique genetics, which subsequently formed the basis of most of the varieties of Mandala. And the main seedbank’s “chip” is unusual appearance of production.

The purpose of company is to support a high level of quality at the lowest price.

This minimum price does not affect the quality of the product, and it reflects another goal – to economically support the cannabis community. It is also part of the contribution to the conservation of cannabis.

Mandala is based on respect, honesty, clarity and responsibility in relation to the client.

At present, the range of seedbank produces unique varieties, many of them have prestigious awards. A descendant of the Indian indica – unpretentious Hashberry variety was named the “variety of the Year” competition in the High Times Cannabis Cub in 2006. A medical strain of cannabis Krystalica won High Times «Strain of the Year» in 2011.

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