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Cherry Lime Haze Cannabis Strain Review

Everyone loves the Haze family of strains; it is easily one of the most famous strain families ever created.

Other than toking on some regular Haze like any old average Joe, you could instead hunt down something a bit more interesting. Cherry Lime Haze is an excellent example of a Haze strain that sticks to its roots, while still offering up plentiful interesting flavors and effects.

Let’s investigate this strain and determine if it deserves the title of Haze strain, or if it is just another cherry strain.

What Is the Cherry Lime Haze Strain?

The Cherry Lime Haze strain is well-known not only for its distinctive Haze genetics but also for its vigorous intensity. As a hybrid strain, Cherry Lime Haze boasts around 80% sativa genetics, making it pretty much a full sativa.

However, despite its sativa status, this is not the best strain to take if you are only just getting into the world of cannabis. While it doesn’t have a gigantic amount of THC, it still offers up an extreme high that is enough to almost level you.

While the high does take a little while to really take effect, you will find that it is almost too much to handle once it does.

The high is primarily focused on the head, giving you a vibrant, almost unpleasant head rush. This dies down after a little while, transforming into a high that lasts seemingly forever, yet remaining enjoyable.

The primary feature of the Cherry Lime Haze strain is one of intense cerebral pleasure. However, beyond that, the high doesn’t have a large amount of depth. You will remain endlessly uplifted, and generally happy with yourself.

However, the main draw of the Cherry Lime Haze strain isn’t to do with its effects. It is a reliable and dependable cannabis strain, offering up plenty of enjoyable effects, but it’s really the taste that people crave.


When you read about a strain called Cherry Lime Haze, it should be pretty obvious what kind of aroma you can expect. The first note of the fragrance is one of pretty intense citrus. The lime is what you will notice tingling in your nose when you first get a whiff of Cherry Lime Haze, along with a copious amount of slightly tangy sweetness that all great citrus strains possess.

It morphs and shifts over time, though, giving you a great variety of different aromas to enjoy.


As you burn Cherry Lime Haze bud and inhale its smoke, you will finally notice the authentic cherry flavor. If you have ever enjoyed a cherry lollipop, or anything else with a particularly noticeable, slightly fake cherry flavor, then you will recognize Cherry Lime Haze’s taste.

The cherry isn’t so fake as to be unpleasant, though; instead, it’s just very fulfilling and sweet, giving you a delicious flavor as you smoke it.

The smoke is quite clear, with only a touch of the bitterness that many other sativa leaning hybrids possess.


The buds of the Cherry Lime Haze strain are quite attractive, looking remarkably like its namesake fruit. They are quite purple, but gently so, very much like a ripe cherry fresh off the tree.

However, it also has a fair amount of the regular coloration you would expect from a cannabis bud, with a great deal of green and brown. Orange pistils creep up from in-between the leaves, giving it the appearance of being vaguely spiky.

Cherry Lime Haze Strain Grow Info

To grow some of this strain, you need to find Cherry Lime Haze strain seeds. If you can find them online or at your local dispensary, you should be able to grow this strain quickly. The best thing to do to encourage your Cherry Lime Haze plants to achieve the best results possible is to practice plenty of topping.

All you need to do is lop off the plant’s tip as it grows, which allows it to reach new, more productive heights. Instead of growing tall, it tries to split and grow sideways, which results in more bud production.

As you do this, though, make sure you are regularly pruning the underbrush to remove unnecessary leaves. When you do a lot of topping, most cannabis plants, especially hybrids, tend to overshadow their own leaves. Ensure that you are being diligent in removing these leaves, as they can drain the energy of your plant, resulting in inferior bud production.

Other than that, though, the best thing to do is to keep your plants fed and well-watered. As a sativa-leaning hybrid, Cherry Lime Haze plants will tend to be quite bushy, so they likely won’t need trellising.

The only real worry is that they will grow too heavy to support themselves, which is why regular pruning is vital for this strain.

THC Content – Highest Test

Cherry Lime Haze cannabis is well-known for being especially potent and effective. This would generally imply that it should have a copious quantity of THC, but Cherry Lime Haze actually is not that THC rich.

Usually containing no more than 16% THC, Cherry Lime Haze is a surprisingly mild strain compared to many modern varieties. However, it is the unique mix of terpenes and other cannabinoids that really give this strain its effectiveness, as well as its high trichome content on the buds.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Most strong hybrid cannabis strains don’t usually contain any CBD. All the CBD is bred out over many generations of breeding, so as to leave more room for THC.

However, Cherry Lime Haze proves an exception to this, as it offers up roughly 1% CBD. True, this is not really much CBD, but it still offers you the ability to enjoy some valuable medical benefits at the same time as a significant high.

Medical Benefits of the Cherry Lime Haze Strain

Cherry Lime Haze is a strange strain when it comes to its medical benefits because it offers up so many effects and reactions. Interestingly enough, the exact effects you will notice when it comes to medical treatments will differ depending on the purpose.

Generally speaking, though, issues relating to pain and mental anguish are best treated with Cherry Lime Haze. If you struggle with headaches, migraines, or even dreaded cluster headaches, then this strain might be perfect for you.

It can tackle the root of the pain, while also diminishing your ability to feel the pain itself. This allows you to function throughout your day. Of course, seeing as the high is so strong, you might want to limit the amount you smoke if you plan on using it during a workday.

Another significant medical benefit is its treatment of glaucoma, as well as nausea. Though the exact science isn’t entirely clear, Cherry Lime Haze is a great strain to tackle these irritating and debilitating conditions.

Those with ADHD can also benefit from this strain, as it leaves you feeling rather focused, motivated, and driven to complete whatever task is in front of you.

Things like depression, stress, and anxiety are also common reasons to try this strain. Able to utterly suppress feelings of inadequacy or negative thought patterns, this strain leaves you happy and at peace with yourself.

Ultimately, Cherry Lime Haze is a strain with all kinds of purposes when it comes to medical effects, so keep it on hand for trying times.

Unfortunately, though, all cannabis strains will typically produce some side effects to go along with their medical benefits.

Possible Side Effects of the Cherry Lime Haze Strain

Considering how strong Cherry Lime Haze is, it has remarkably few side effects.

The first thing you will notice is the prevalence of potent dry mouth and dry eyes. While you will likely be totally used to these two by now, they are certainly something slightly different this time around.

The dryness feels like it itches your throat, scratching at your sinuses and making you feel like you’ve accidentally inhaled dust. Keep some fresh, cold water on hand, or you might find yourself choking after exhaling, ruining this strain’s flavor.

Besides that, there really is not much to talk about when it comes to side effects. There is certainly the tendency to suffer more extreme mental side effects like heightened paranoia and anxiety, but this won’t happen to most people. You need to smoke an extremely large dosage of Cherry Lime Haze to notice any of this.

Additionally, it is only people who already suffer from these problems that will notice paranoia after smoking a lot. So, as long as you keep your Cherry Lime Haze intake moderate and only smoke what you know you can handle, you should be fine.

Final Thoughts on the Cherry Lime Haze Strain

Cherry Lime Haze is an excellent example of a Haze strain that has managed to create more of a name for itself than just its family legacy.

Boasting an incredible flavor profile and a remarkable appearance, this is a strain that is perhaps better known for how it tastes than how it makes you feel. It still has a beautiful place in the cannabis world, and indeed in your personal stash, if you like Haze effects.

Cherry Lime Haze is ultimately a divisive strain, as some people prefer their cannabis to have a more predictable high. But, as long as you don’t mind steeling yourself for a strong start to the high, Cherry Lime Haze offers up a fantastic taste.

Enjoy it like a connoisseur enjoys a great whiskey or wine, and relax on a cold afternoon with some Cherry Lime Haze.

Everything you need to know about Cherry Lime Haze cannabis strain, including effects, medicinal benefits, growing tips, and much more.