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Hemp Strain — Lifter Greenhouse Premium CBD

  • May 6, 2020
  • Strain Review

Freshly grown from Colorado or Oregon farms, the Greenhouse Lifter CBD Flower is a product to try at least once and may easily become a favorite. The Lifter is a high CBD content and low THC content strain, so it is highly desirable for therapeutic benefits. Lifter is one of the most sought-after Cannabidiol (CBD) -rich strains. This particular strain carries up to 24% CBD and 16% CBDA for a total CBD impact of 40%. The Lifter, a greenhouse grown hemp plant, is a beauty of the Indica dominant strain.

In the Beginning and History

Named after the iconic tomato cultivator, Mortgage Lifter, this hemp strain is grown indoors or in greenhouse environments with high quality organic practices of Colorado or Oregon. The state of Oregon takes credit for breeding the Lifter CBD hemp strain. The breeders used the Suver Haze and Early Resin in order to breed a plant to yield the CBD-rich strain referred to as Lifter Greenhouse (greenhouse stands for where the crop is grown). The CBD-rich plant is premium for those who use the sub-lingual drops as well as for CBD-infused products.

Experiencing the “Lift”

Lifter CBD lives to its name because many reports as to its unique way to “lift the spirits” and “relax the soul” on any lazy spring afternoon. Users report an experience of gentle brain focus with a dash of energy. The flavor of a lemony sweet funk gives an experience to be enjoyed either daytime or evening. Smoking or vaping this flower leaves behind a natural sweet taste of grass or bark.

Lifter Greenhouse Premium Genetics

The genetics of the Lifter hemp strain grows a dense extremely high oil content flower. Genetics span between Special Sauce and high CBD content Haze Line hemp strain plant. Growing in a short bush form, the Lifter produces hard, large oily buds or flowers ideal for the hemp flower market.

The high-CBD content flower contains from 12% to 21% CBD and the legal limit of 0.3% THC. It is because of this high-CBD content that consumers are enthusiastically seeking out this staple in the hemp world.

Aroma, Taste, Color

Hemp buds have a funky cheesy aroma when broken open then topped off with a hint of fuel. Its sweet taste is reminiscent of earthy tropical fruits. Vibrant colors oscillate between bright green and deep violet as well as an impressive and beautiful coating of frosty white trichomes. It is woody and sweet to the smell and tropical earthy fruit with blueberries to the taste because of the multiple terpenes in the flower.

Lifter flowers appear like vertically stretched leaves with a vivid- green, orange-tan hairs with a slight purple tinge. In an effort to save on growth and production costs, the farmers grow this plant on large outdoor farms, instead than inside or in a greenhouse. The frosty appearance on the Lifter hemp strain referred to earlier is absent when grown outdoors. The growers who produce the highest-grade Lifter hemp strain, will continue to grow them inside or in a protected greenhouse.

Hemp Strain – Greenhouse Premium Benefits

Some Lifter hemp enthusiasts believe this strain was named for its effect of lifting one up to a more ethereal place. Daytime users are loyal to this hemp strain because of these energizing effects.

Therapeutic benefits extend to those looking for chronic pain relief from inflammations. Non-intoxicating, the Lifter Greenhouse Premium imparts the refreshing citrustry terpene limonene that enhances focus and concentration.

Looking for the Greenhouse Lifter CBD Flower? Dr. Strains Lifter CBD is a product to try at least once and may easily become a favorite.