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Lemon OG Strain | Cannabis Strain Review

There are a few different families of marijuana within the community that have a kind of legendary status – families of strains that are immediately recognizable, even to someone not exceptionally experienced with the world of marijuana.

The Lemon OG strain is a strain that belongs to that incredibly famous family of OG strains, but one that mingles in intense flavors of lemon and funk that carry an utterly unique physical and mental sensation along with them.

Let’s take a look at the Lemon OG strain to discover just what it is that makes this strain so fundamentally intriguing and worthy of its place within the OG family.

What is the Lemon OG Strain?

The Lemon OG strain is originally a cross between Las Vegas Lemon Skunk, a pretty significant strain within the pungent Skunk family, and The OG#18.

This means that both of Lemon OG’s parents belong to prominent, readily recognizable strains within the marijuana community, making this strain a sort of experiment in potency and crossbreeding.

Lemon OG is a pretty typical hybrid, made of 60% indica and 40% sativa – this means that you can expect a pleasant mix of both of the typical effects of the two variations of weed, only with a slightly more intense indica effect.

When this strain was first bred by DNA Genetics, they discovered an incredibly interesting quality with their brand new Lemon OG strain – it had a surprisingly intense quantity of calyxes, which are the beginnings of the pistils and trichomes which eventually develop into the richest source of THC on the entire marijuana plant.

This made Lemon OG an incredibly high-yield strain, helping it increase in popularity and desirability for growers. Eventually, this led towards it getting numerous awards, both for the intensity of its effects and for its usefulness to growers and THC quantity.

Another noticeable quality of the Lemon OG strain is its tendency to hit you hard and fast with its effects, but for those same effects to fade away surprisingly quickly after only an hour or so.

Luckily, despite the fact that the high is quite short in length, it more than makes up for it in intensity. The heavily psychoactive effects of the Lemon OG strain hit you incredibly quickly, suddenly improving your focus and creative drives like a potent sativa, while at the same time inducing an overpowering medicated feeling that leaves you feeling almost dreamlike.

The first thing you will feel is an intense desire to get up and move about, ideally hunting down some kind of creative project you have left unfinished.

However, the moment you do actually manage to pick up your pen or paintbrush, Lemon OG’s famous indica effects start to kick in, causing the world to revolve around you and time to almost disappear entirely. Expect to feel like you are floating in another world, but without the uncomfortability that stronger, more psychoactive indica strains have a tendency to cause.

The primary effect you can expect to feel after taking Lemon OG is the sensation of complete and total relaxation. You will feel calm, euphoric, and just generally pleased with the world around you, all while experiencing the walls changing color and feeling like the flow of time is slipping by.

Once the high wears off, however, you will quickly realize that the effects were only present for about an hour at most, leaving you with the strange feeling of having experienced that short hour over days and days, despite how little time had actually passed.

While the effects of this strain are quite famous and certainly make it something worth experiencing at least once, it is primarily the flavor and aroma of the Lemon OG strain that makes it so famous.


The Lemon OG marijuana strain is, as might be expected, a principally lemony strain, with an intense citrus oil flavor that tastes like a finely peeled lemon.

Instead of the tart, citrus juice-like flavor of many strains with the word ‘lemon’ in their name, Lemon OG has a distinctly lemon oil flavor, smelling almost like a Rye Old Fashioned cocktail with its pungent lemon oils perfuming the air.

Although this strain does have a distinct OG Kush presence in its genetics, the lemon overpowers any other smell that its parents’ genetics might induce, primarily due to the large quantity of the terpene Limonene within Lemon OG.

This intensity of lemon aroma only deepens when you open the bud and prepare it for smoking, so expect your whole house to smell like freshly peeled lemons when you smoke this strain.

What about its flavor, however? Does it simply mimic its aroma?


On first smoking Lemon OG, you will be met with the tangy flavor of lemon oil on your tongue; not quite tart or acidic, but more plant-like and natural, very similar to its initial aroma.

However, the flavor does deepen after the first mouthful of smoke, developing into the expected flavor of tart citrus juice, alongside an undercurrent of dank earthiness. Above all other flavors, this strain tastes like an actual lemon tree – fresh, pungent lemon oils, rich and earthy dirt, and tree bark with just a hint of that hidden citrus juice concealed within the fruit itself.

While the flavor of lemons might not be the most desirable of flavors in the marijuana world, this strain makes it absolutely worthwhile to give it a try for the first time.

The sheer intensity of the lemon flavor is beautifully juxtaposed by its subtle earthiness, making this a strain that you absolutely have to try at least once.

What about how it looks?


Despite the fiercely intense lemon scent and the unique flavor palette of this strain, it has a rather ordinary-looking appearance.

You can expect it to have a pretty noticeable quantity of trichomes, thanks to its high calyx quantity during plant growth, with the trichomes themselves being sometimes white and other times bright orange.

However, despite a subtle yellow tint to this green strain, you wouldn’t really know it was such a uniquely potent and flavorful strain from just looking at it.

Thanks to its rather dull appearance, the only real way to truly appreciate this strain and recognize it for what it is is to try and grow some yourself.

So, what do you need to know to grow your own Lemon OG?

Lemon OG Strain Grow Info

Lemon OG strain seeds are surprisingly easy to come across, most likely due to this strain’s intense popularity.

Lemon OG has a pretty standard flowering time of about 8 weeks, as well requiring only a small amount of additional nutrition – if you really want to encourage your lovely Lemon OG plant to thrive, make sure to give it just a touch more nitrogen than you would normally expect, as it helps encourage this strain’s thick quantity of calyxes.

Feel free to grow these surprisingly versatile and potent plants either indoors or outdoors, as they will produce an extraordinarily high yield regardless.

Once you have grown your Lemon OG and suitably harvested it, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect from your newly created Lemon OG bud?

THC Content – Highest Test

Lemon OG cannabis is quite renowned for its psychoactive effects, so it should be expected to have a suitably high concentration of THC.

You can expect to find around 20% THC content within any particular sample of Lemon OG, with the highest recorded example having a whopping 24%.

What about this strain’s CBD content, however? Can you expect to find any kind of CBD within this potent strain?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As is almost always the case with regard to high THC strains, especially ones with a hybrid history, Lemon OG doesn’t really have much of a CBD presence at all.

With an average CBD content of about 0.13%, this strain isn’t one you want to take if you are looking for a potent concentration of CBD in your weed.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Lemon OG has no useful medical properties – in fact, there are a variety of uses of Lemon OG for treating all kinds of different conditions.

Medical Benefits of the Lemon OG Strain

As ever with high THC concentrations in weed strains, Lemon OG is excellent at helping suppress issues arising from pain, especially neuropathic pain and long-term conditions.

Additionally, the high concentration of THC combined with this strain’s incredibly therapeutic and calming effects makes Lemon OG perfect for treating depression and stress. When you suffer from these kinds of negative mental conditions, it can be incredibly helpful to be able to completely zone out and enjoy some serenity and peace for a little while.

Although this strain doesn’t completely knock you out, it does tend to induce a sensation of sleepiness and lethargy that makes Lemon OG perfect for treating insomnia. Simply take a little bit of Lemon OG and feel the completely serene sensation of falling off to a relaxing sleep after only a couple of hours.

This also works for those struggling with day to day anxiety, though due to its significant intensity, make sure you don’t smoke more than a very small amount. If you try and smoke a regular amount of Lemon OG, you will quickly find yourself unable to function in regular life.

In a way, this kind of intensity is a bit of a side effect, but one that can be easily managed. Unfortunately, there are always going to be a few side effects that you cannot completely handle.

But what are the other side effects of the Lemon OG strain?

Possible Side Effects of the Lemon OG Strain

For starters, you can expect the standard consequences of imbibing any kind of high THC strain – dry mouth, also known as cottonmouth, and dry eyes. Keep yourself well hydrated to avoid it, but you also might need to keep somewhere soft and comfortable nearby as well, as this strain has a tendency to make you need to sit down suddenly.

While this is pretty regular when enjoying a strain with a large concentration of THC, one of the strangest ironies of this strain and many others like it is that, despite the fact that it is commonly taken specifically to treat anxiety, it can sometimes cause anxiety as well, especially if you take too much of it at any one time.

Besides that, the only things you really need to keep an eye on when taking Lemon OG is that its effects can hit you incredibly quickly, yet it doesn’t last very long either, so it can be very suddenly overwhelming.

Make sure you only take Lemon OG when you are absolutely ready to enjoy its high, and in a comfortable environment to do so.

Final Thoughts on the Lemon OG Strain

With a name like Lemon OG, you might expect a fairly ordinary flavor and series of effects, especially thanks to its obvious OG parentage.

However, despite its seemingly regular name, Lemon OG is anything but ordinary – with a profoundly flavorful taste and aroma, as well as incredibly strong effects.

If you are looking for a strain with a massive intensity that will lend you transcendent calm, as well as intense relaxation, all within the space of a single hour, while also hoping to be able to enjoy the flavor and aroma of your strain truly, Lemon OG is likely perfect for you.

Even if you are unsure of what you want, Lemon OG is a strain that absolutely needs to be tried at least once – it isn’t often that you get to experience the full force of marijuana high in such a short time.

If you’re a fan of lemon flavors and massive, otherworldly THC experiences, keep an eye out for Lemon OG the next time you visit your dispensary.

Everything you need to know about Lemon OG cannabis strain including effects, medicinal benefits, how to grow your own, and more.