lemon g strain

Lemon g strain

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I guess it’s weaker here in CO but it’s just so so. I gave it to a newbie in the cannabis world and she loved it because it didn’t instantly put her to sleep as she is a lightweight.

So I want it all in one strain. Lemon G cartridge comes pretty damn close for my needs. It’s not harsh but doesn’t taste like lemons. I don’t know what it tastes like but it’s doable. I took about 4 or 5 hits over the past hour and a half and this is what I have found about Lemon G. I’m couch-locked before cannabis but I have energy and desire to do some chores. I get paranoid with most sativa’s. Nope not paranoid. Not hungry. Not depressed or anxious. Love it.

Original Lemon G..Athens, OH Great previous description of effects etc. the only dif I will say is the real version taste unbelievable. Freshest lemon skunk flavor that will have you drooling for more. Such thick Trichomes that you could smoke a roach the next day and still taste fresh lemon. Elite class of cannabis

I just started using a Lemon G Tincture called IREST from Terrapin. I use it to combat severe lower back arthritis as well as diabetic neuropathy. It is magic. It eliminates the pain and doesn’t make me feel any “Couch-lock.” It is a very mellow feeling, but I feel very present and normal.

I just started using medical marijuana to stop using narcotic pain meds. I’ve tried about 4 different strains and my dispensary just Got in the Lemon G strain in 20mg tablet form. I also suffer from migraines and this high cbd strains is absolutely is a bit strong but it’s worth dealing with the potentsy for the great medical use. If you have cronic pain or migraines, def give it a try

There are two cuts of Lemon G. The true cut tastes and smells more like lemon zest. It always tastes the same. The so called cincy cut is the one that smells like pinesol more of a strong lemon oil. I heard this is allegedly actually a pheno of love potion

This strain is not pine-sol at all like the other lemon strains out there. It tastes and smells the same. like you force fed a cat lemon heads for 8 weeks then it pissed on your face. It is definitely not indica dominant. I dont think the original reviewer has ever had real lemon G. The original has been around Ohio for atleast the past 15yrs if not longer and Its clone only.

Lemon g is grown all over North Central Ohio. love when harvest time comes this is always the first strain I go looking to buy. been here for years. taste is amazing when you get good organic OUTDOOR and properly flushed lemon g

Not an accurate description of the real Ohio Lemon G at all from my experience. The real stuff tastes exactly like it smells and, if grown well, even the last hit tastes good. It’s like eating lemon heads candy. Doesn’t seem indicate dominate either. longer somewhat lanky plants with extended flowers that can take10+ weeks to finish.

Lemon G is one of the best strains you can possibly medicate with. Not only is it potent, but it will give your money's worth at the same time. Being an sativa dominant strain, it has a 70:30 sativa/india ratio. The buds are incredibly fluffy and stick together really well. You will not find any …