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Dominant Origins & Notables

A sedating strain that is making a few waves in the cannabis market, Lemon Diesel fem strain is a far cry from a substandard car you are disappointed to drive. This lemon is a zesty ganja strain worth test driving. Great for fueling vivacious buzz, it is loved by recreational and clinical users. Tokers who try this weed out will adore its scent, flavor, and cerebral advantages.

The cannabis seed market is gigantic. Standing out in a massive industry that is inundated with superstars is no easy accomplishment. This strain is no shrinking violet and proudly takes its place among the ringleaders. Its gradual body high coupled with its unique aroma makes it a most loved strain among weed devotees.

Popular since its introduction, the strain has seen numerous reproducers make their own renditions of the indica-heavy weed. The hereditary roots of the strain are not easily found in her genealogical record. Despite a lack of legitimate documentation and confusion surrounding its birthright, ganja gurus will tell you that it is a potent offspring of California Sour and Lost Coast OG.

Placing in the top ten in the grueling Emerald Cup competition, this contender has a host of alluring impacts that make it a highly esteemed strain. It has THC levels reaching up to 23%. It is sufficiently strong enough to give a colossal high, and even experienced smokers just need a toke to ride its brain flight. A hit among the recreational crowd, it is also causing a ripple effect in the clinical cannabis scene. Patients who need to get relief from their physical and mental ailments will appreciate the healing properties in this strain.


This peppery tasting full-bodied hybrid strain can flourish inside and outside and is a superb choice for seasoned growers. The hearty strain is impervious to common challenges including mold and pests. With a bit of work and some TLC, producers will be rewarded with attractive yields. Whenever cared for with able hands, these Mary Jane seeds can develop and bloom into a wonderful thing.

The plant’s lime green colas are medium-sized yet thick. Its buds have a thick cover of shimmering smooth trichomes that have a frosty appearance. At maturity, its long yellow-green pistils change color and just like an autumn leaf, morph to a shade of burnt sienna.

Cultivators are enamored with the feminized seeds from I49 for their boss hereditary qualities and germination guarantee. Purchasing Lemon Diesel strain seeds is well justified and worth the effort. It’s a strain that shells out big yields and it merits a plot in your garden. Developing feminized seeds from I49 requires a bit of understanding on how these seeds work. The advantage of these seeds is that they are going to develop into prolific females. With an all-female plant cast, one can hope to have an incredible turnout come reap season with this work of art.

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