la soda strain

La soda strain

allbud your review is on point! This review is so on point with this tree I’m smoking on right now. I never heard or tried this strain so I thought to look it up! I’m here reading out loud the review to my brother and we’re both in total shock. exactly what the trees look taste and smell like is on point with this review to the T. Must I say more GREAT JOB ALLBUDS

Got an ounce of outdoor grown for only $60; no coughing on exhale, and my lungs are a little hashed. So I like this strain just on that alone. The smell is nice, buds look good. The 60/oz outdoor is not top shelf, but it is more than good at that price. I’d love to try some indoor grown of this same strain. Nice and relaxing yet not too couch locked or tired. Still good for before bed, but also good for wanting to be functional; video games, web surfing, hobbies, chores/work, etc.

Great price, and great mellow “work” euphoria. highly recommended to indica dominant strains. no couch lock, but very enjoyable non the less. gives a slight sensation behind the eyes.

It’s just as you said. Smoked some and found my self doing some craft work. I was really mellowed out, but I could still pay real attention to detail on my work . Thanks !! I Love It

LA Soda is an extremely rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the delicious LA Confidential X Black Cherry Soda strains. Although this bud is definitely hard to come by outside of the western side of the US, LA Soda is one bud that you'll want to have again and again and …

Norgold russet, superior and red la soda strains selected for potato cultivar improvement in Nebraska

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Potato yield improvement in the United States has concentrated on cultural practices, disease eradication, and the development through breeding programs of new, disease-resistant, high yielding potato cultivars. Three strains of Norgold Russet—M, #35 and #19—have increased yields and vigor, and mature later than “regular” Norgold Russet. In trials conducted in Texas at Hereford (7 years), Olton (6 years) and Springlake (4 years), these strains have shown an average of 33, 29 and 20% increase in total yields, respectively. At Hermiston, Oregon (3 years), the mean total yield increases were 10, 17 and 12%, respectively. Strains M and #35 are more vigorous, and they mature 10 to 15 days later than Norgold Russet. Strain #19 is the most vigorous and upright of the strains; it matures 20 to 25 days later than regular Norgold Russet. Of all the Norgold Russet strains, strain M is the most popular. From Superior, a strain, New Superior, which matures 15 to 20 days later and is more vigorous, was selected. In Florida, New Superior’s yields averaged 26% greater than regular Superior but the specific gravity and chip color were not changed. Two strains of Red La Soda—#5 and #10—were selected for their earlier maturity. Strain #10 matures 7 to 10 days earlier than regular Red La Soda, and strain #5 matures 15 to 17 days earlier. However, these strains yield less. In Texas, at Olton (3 years) and Springlake (2 years), yields were reduced 23 and 34% for strains #10 and #5, respectively


El mejoramiento del rendimiento de la papa en los Estados Unidos se ha concentrado en prácticas culturales, erradicación de enfermedades y el desarrollo, por medio de programas de mejoramiento, de nuevos cultivares resistentes a enfermedades y de alto rendimiento. Tres variantes de Norgold Russet—M, #35 y #19—han incrementado rendimientos y vigor y maduran más tarde que Norgold Russet “normal.” En ensayos conducidos en Texas, siete años en Hereford, seis en Olton y cuatro en Springlake, estas variantes han mostrado un incremento promedio de 33, 29 y 20% en rendimientos totales, respectivamente. Tres años en Hermiston, Oregon, los incrementos totales promedio de rendimiento fueron 10, 17 y 12%, respectivamente. Las variantes M y #35 son más vigorosas y maduran 10 a 15 días más tarde que Norgold Russet. La variante #19 en las más vigorosa y confiable de las variantes; madura 20 a 25 días más tarde que Norgold Russet. De todas las variantes de Norgold Russet, la variante M es la más popular. De Superior, se seleccionó una variante, la New Superior, que madura 15 a 20 días más tarde y es más vigorosa. En Florida, los rendimientos de New Superior promediaron 26% más que Superior, pero la gravedad específica y el color de las papas fritas a la inglesa no cambiaron. Dos variantes de Red La Soda—#5 y #10—fueron seleccionadas por su madurez más temprana. La variante #10 madura siete a diez días más temprano que la Red La Soda “normal” y la variante #5 madura 15 a 17 días antes que la misma. Sin embargo, estas variantes rinden menos. En Texas, tres años en Olton, y dos en Springlake, los rendimientos se redujeron en 23 y 34%, para las variantes #10 y #5, respectivamente

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Potato yield improvement in the United States has concentrated on cultural practices, disease eradication, and the development through breeding programs of